An Excited, Full-of-Trust, and Smiley Update

So guess what.  I am really excited for this next semester.  I only have a week and a half left of J-Term, and it doesn’t look terrible.  I finished my Practicum this morning, and it looks like I will have no problem finishing homework.  (That’s a good thing.)  And I’m excited for the 2 Bible studies I am leading.  We are going to have an awesome semester!  I can actually GO to Action Group (the Bible study for the Cru leaders) this semester!  I have been proofing my schedule to try and prevent extra stress this semester.  I grew so much in my faith last semester, and I am so excited to see what God has in store for me in the near future!  …I honestly don’t know what God is doing or where he will bring me next, but I am TRUSTING.  I applied for student staff at Milwaukee this summer, and won’t hear back until the end of February.  Over the last week in Human Relations, the multicultural education class I am taking over J-Term, the phrase, “I’m gonna work with inner-city kids someday.”  Now, I don’t know if that’s just me or if it’s God; I don’t know when this would be or where, but like the word I keep using: I’m TRUSTING.

Also.  Somebody stopped me as I was walking back to my dorm from a freshmen dorm and asked about my limp.  She said she believes in healing prayer, so I let her pray over me and the MS that affects me.  I believe in it, too.  Will you guys join in praying?  I have felt my left side growing worse—both my leg and my arm/hands, and it scares me.  I am TRUSTING.  We had a nice, Christ-centered conversation on the way back to our dorm.  I love those!

I am just so gosh-darn excited about what God is doing and will be doing throughout this next semester!  So I thought I’d blog about it.  **EXCITED!**  (Can’t you tell?)

Smiling Squared, Anna =)^2

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