Smiley Saturday: Laughter

So this week’s smiley is LAUGHTER!  I really like to laugh.  I mean, who doesn’t?  Yesterday (which was Saturday…missed it again), I got to hang out with a bunch of awesome Sioux Empire Cru people at the Winter Leader’s Retreat.  It was so much fun to be with some of the people I only get to see a few times a year!  Yes, we laughed.  At embarrassing stories, at funny jokes, at jokes that were so dumb you had to laugh anyway, at other people laughing.

Also, this morning in church, Pastor Hickey talked about joy and the Holy Spirit dwelling together.  He made the whole congregation laugh a few times, which was the point, I think.  Acts 13:52 says, “And the disciples were filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit.”  It was funny when he’s like, “Can you imagine the bruises they had?”  Then he acted out hitting a “buddy” on the shoulder.  “Did you see that!?”  He hit another “buddy.”  “Look at that!”

Things we think are terrible now, we think is funny later.  Pastor Hickey said that when one of his kids started throwing a temper tantrum, he’d be like, “Hold on a sec.” and run get the video camera.  I remember, or maybe have heard the story too many times?  Or seen the picture. ..of a time when we still lived at the West Farm and I was mad.  I WOULD NOT smile for the picture.  So, Mom and Dad took it anyway.  Yeah, yeah.  I’ll let you see it, too.

Don’t tell anyone, though, okay?  The point was that the funniest thing in our lives will most likely be ourselves.  I mean, I’ll laugh about it now.  Mostly.

We also talked this morning about the fact that enjoying God is what it’s all about.  And I’ve loved the fact that yesterday, even, God kept showing me his face and making me laugh.  So, not only can I pretty much have a reason to laugh at everyone here on earth, JESUS makes me laugh, too!

So, Kate said yesterday that she wished there were someplace for all our Christian jokes.  Here are some of the ones that I was telling yesterday (courtesy of my dad, and Christina):

Who made the most money in the Bible?  …the pharaoh’s daughter, ‘cuz she went to the bank and pulled out a profit!

Who had no parents in the Bible?  …Joshua, son of Nun!

Once three men went golfing: Moses, Jesus, and an old man.  Moses hit into a water trap.  He parted the water, and hit it out of the trap.  Jesus, likewise, hit his ball into the water trap.  He walked on the water and hit it out of the trap.  The old man hit into the water trap.  Then, a fish grabbed the ball in his mouth.  Then, a bird swooped down and picked up the fish, and as he was flying over the green, the fish drops the ball and it lands in the hole.  Moses turns to Jesus and says, “I hate golfing with your dad.”

The Devil and Jesus were in an argument about this new-fangled internet thing.  So finally God is all like, “We’ll settle this.  Here is a list of tasks that you have to finish in an allotted amount of time.”  So, the Devil and Jesus are working furiously.  When they have only ten minutes left, there is a lightning storm.  The Devil loses everything he’s done, and has to start over.  But when he looks over at Jesus, he sees that Jesus is almost done– he just picked up where he left off.  The Devil’s like, “God!  This isn’t fair!  Why do I have to start over and he doesn’t?”  And God looks at him and says, “Well, Jesus saves.”

Haha!  Okay, if you guys have any more, please comment below!  Like I said, I have my family to thank for these.  And I’m not the best re-teller, but it works. Yay laughter!  Reason for my smiley this week.

PS.  I never laughed out loud much last year.  I mean, I laughed, but it was just kind of a frozen smile on my face as the bench I was sitting on vibrated ‘cuz I was shaking.  Thank you, Project, for teaching me how to actually laugh.  I guess I didn’t realize how much I laughed before, now that I make noise.

Laughing and smiling lots, Anna =)^2

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