I’m like, “Procrastinating?”

Once upon a time, I was like, “Dude, I should write a relevant blog post.”  (Hint: that was when I decided to write this.)  But then I’m like, “Say, Buddy, I don’t know what to write!”  And then I’m like, “Hey, Pal, just write what’s on your mind!”  But then I’m like, “Comrade, you’ve been looking up synonyms for ‘dude’ for five minutes now and probably could have spent better use of that time looking up something interesting to write about.”  After but a moment of pause, I’m like (in a British accent), “Chum.  What is up.”  (Switch to inner-city, black populations accent.)  “Yo, Sista!  Where you be kickin’ it after class?”  (Switch to pirate talk) “Aye, I be headin’ down to get me some coffee and be with me Jesus!”  (Switch to Anna’s accent, if you think I have one) “Now, I’m just confused.”  (Mom tone) “What is going on here?”  (Anna’s shrinking back tone) “Um, nothing?”

This is what happens when I want to write something but don’t know what.  You get a plethora of creative accents and me talking to myself in my dorm room as I type and laugh to myself.  Oh, boy.  I would like to give a shoutout to my accomplice.  My aid.  My sidekick.  Thesorus.com.

On a more update-like note, I am still pretty excited about life in general except for the book currently sitting in front of my desk, telling me, “Anna, you have a Lit Circle tomorrow and 30 pages left.  What are you DOING?”  And I’m like, “Well, I’m having conversations in my head that stem from more, human like characters instead of YOU.”  And it’s like, “Well, there are characters in HERE that are actual people.”  And I’m like, “Well, I’M a real person.  And I KNOW me.  I don’t know these people.”  And it’s like (in a warning/taunting/teasing tone), “Anna!  You git your homework done NOW!”  And I’m like, “Fine.  But let me post this first, okay?”  And then it’s like, “You have until the count of three to open the book and start reading.”  But since I am giving the book its words, it won’t get to three until I post this.  Mwahaha.

Smiling mischievously, Anna =)^2

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