A Psalm

Written 8-13, Anna Olson.  Influence: Psalm 27, Romans 5.  (God is so awesome!)

Lord, you are awesome and magnificent!

There is none to fear or be afraid.

Lord, you love me and your son was sent,

so every one of our sins could me paid!

God, you answer me when I call;

There is no reason to doubt.

God, you are my all in all!

You are what life is all about!

When I doubt or am afraid,

Your presence comforts me.

You are everywhere; it all was made,

so we can see your beauty!

Jesus, I lift my life to you,

For you are all I need!

You are mercy and love and all things true;

On your word I hungrily feed.

Father, I will ever seek your face;

Your glory is why I do.

I know you’re with me through this race,

So I will endure my trials for you!

You save me from my enemies;

You deliver me to solid ground.

You answer all my cries and pleas;

When I am lost, in you I’m found.

So I will wait for the Lord;

His timing is ever perfect.

He is my rock, my shield, my sword—

I will wait and expect.

Take courage, all you readers, and be strong!

Endurance brings you character and hope.

That hope, through Jesus, won’t be wrong!

All we can do is wait, not mope!

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