Milwaukee Summer Project 2011

So I keep feeling like I need one last final blurb about Summer Project (‘cuz I can’t just leave you all hangin’ there!).  So here we go:

Sum up of the Summer

Oh!  Where to start!  This summer was AWESOME!  You may be asking, “What was the best part of your summer, Anna?”  You know, ‘cuz that’s what people ask.  My answer?  God.  He really revealed himself to me.  And, as he was revealing himself to me, he revealed parts of me that I needed to surrender to him, that we could have that much closer of a relationship.  He totally rocked my summer!

An overview of what we all did: Week One = Training.  Weeks Two-Seven = Ministry Sites (my team went to Liberty & Truth, New Beginnings, Tabernacle, and Hopewell).  Week Eight = Cleaning/Wrap-Up/End-of-Project Retreat.  Every weekend, we did an outreach, a social, and went church-hopping.  A typical week looked like this: Monday = Action Group; Tuesday = Weekly Meeting (where we could invite the public); Wednesday = Date Night with Jesus (what a few of the guys called “Man Time with Jesus”); Thursday = Training Night; Friday = Social or Outreach (the other is on the Saturday).  And during the day, we were either at jobs or ministry sites.  There were two ministry site teams, and mine went to: Liberty & Truth, New Beginnings, Tabernacle, and Hopewell.  I forget where all the other group went to, but I believe they went to: God’s Kidz in the Hood, Citybrook, New Beginnings, Liberty & Truth, Jesus Camp(?), Genesis.  Pretty sure.  We worked with a lot of kids and a lot of people in general.  It was exhausting, but fun!

We had a ton of spiritual conversations, did a ton of gospel presentations, had a ton of people ask Christ into their heart!  I don’t have exact numbers on everything, but I think there were 36 decisions all summer (in the 8 weeks we were there) to ask Christ into their heart!  Now that is what I call exciting.  (Doin’ a little kingdom welcoming dance!)

I made a ton of close friends, and have been staying in touch with many since the end (which was almost a week ago)!  Oh man, that is a scary thought.  A week ago?  The challenging part for pretty much all of us (everybody I’ve been talking to, anyway) is integrating back into the “real world.”  And then school starts, and we should be applying everything we’ve learned this summer on our campuses!  So that would be a big part of the prayer requests I send out to you today: for all of us who were on project, that we can apply and fit back in to society like we should be.  Other prayer requests include the seeds that were planted this summer, no matter what kind of soil they landed on (but let us hope that the seeds actually took root in good soil!).

Soooooooo.  I am really sad that the summer is over.  But at least we have a ton of pictures and even some videos to jog my not-so-great memory!  And God keeps doing his work, no matter where we are.  I know I have continued learning so much even after I left project!  And God is just awesome.  I am so thankful that I could go to Milwaukee for 8 weeks this summer and learn and grow and be used by God for his work!  It was SUCH an experience!  If you come and find me sometime, and ask me about it, you should tell me right away how much time you have.  ‘Cuz I could just keep talking and talking.  It’s okay if you just stop me sometime.  But please, wait until I finish the current sentence.  =)

I love all of you so much for supporting me throughout my summer!  I give thanks for YOU!  You are all incredibly awesome!

Ever smiling, Anna =)^2 (smiles squared)

Attrace is taking this picture, but it pretty much explains our group.=)

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