CRU: Anna’s Thoughts

So.  I encourage you all to read this, because I promise it’s good.  It is some of me with some of CRU and all of God.  (It’s pretty much awesome.)

Sioux Empire CRU’s vision statement: We are a group of students with an alive walk with Christ, who have authentic relationships, as we advance the gospel to every person.

Or something close to that.  Here are my experiences and thoughts about the whole thing:

Alive Walk with Christ

I guess this started when I HEARD about a relationship with Christ the first time when I got to college.  I had grown up in the church and had good faith, but this whole relationship thing?  Was new to me.  So I kept trying to find this relationship with God that he wanted with me so much.  It took awhile, but I began reading his word (the Bible) more and more until I was setting aside time each day to be with God.  And as I learned more about God and he continued to reveal himself to me, I learned more about me, as he revealed some of the sins I had to surrender to him, as well.  This was especially strong on Project this summer, but I have continued to drown myself in the word and seek God with everything I am!  I am in an ALIVE WALK WITH CHRIST—it is the most important thing in the world to me!

Authentic Relationships

I was thirsty for relationships.  Jesus is my BEST FRIEND, and was pretty much my only one for a very long time.  I had never been that great at finding friends, and had a lot of surfacey friendships.  I was scared to go deep, and I didn’t really.  The summer before I went to college, I found out what authentic relationships were like.  Where you could tell a friend all your crap and she could tell me all of hers, and we love each other the same!  I have been forming closer relationships with a few others that are authentic like this since then.  And on Project, I feel like all of my relationships were authentic ones.  So yes, I am in AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS and am not afraid!  Plus, we all have Christ as our backbone, so whom can I fear?  Exactly.  Nobody!

Advancing the Gospel to Every Person

I am so excited to see what God is going to do this year at my school!  I have been praying continually for a revival on my campus, as God can do amazing things!  I finally feel (a little more) comfortable sharing with someone or talking with them about spiritual things.  I am co-leading a lifegroup this year, and we have a goal.  I am so excited!  We have a total of 6 staff this year, as opposed to 2 last year, and if that is any indication of our growth (which I pray it is!), God will do awesome things this year!  I am so excited to see what God will do as we make it our intention to ADVANCE THE GOSPEL TO EVERY PERSON this year!

Now, I am in no way saying that CRU is the place to go for any of these things.  It is the group I have become involved with that has helped me grow in my relationship with God.  There are tons of other groups that have this same idea.  I just came back from Gear Up, a conference with the leaders of the Sioux Empire CRU Movement, so that is what I’m talking about and thinking about today.  However, I can promise that I will be talking about and thinking about God for much longer than this!  Long after I finish school and leave the CRU movement at Augie, I will be continuing my relationship with Christ, my authentic relationships, and advancing the gospel everywhere!  But I still have another few years, so I’ll slow down.  =)

I encourage all of you to get plugged into SOMETHING.  Something that will help you find the personal and intimate relationship with God that he longs for so badly, ‘cuz we all long for it to (even if we don’t always realize it at the moment).  Something that includes fellowship and God, ‘cuz that is an important aspect of growth (NOT being isolated).  It could be a Bible study with your church, or another activity that praises and gives glory to God.

I pray for all of you guys, that God will set you on FIRE, as he has with me!  IT’S SO AWESOME!

Smiling, always, Anna =)^2 (smiles squared)

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