On graduating for realz, to-do lists, and Christmas!

Everybody: I’m done with college.  I’m filling out job applications and stuff, but I’ll believe it when I hold a diploma.  I don’t quite believe it yet, and I feel like I’m holding my breath.  What is my grade?  Did I remember to do everything?  I didn’t forget anything, did I?  I feel like I’ve been forgetting a lot of things lately.  But, this uneasiness shall pass.  Not knowing what all the future holds?  Not knowing what I’ll be doing next semester or next year when I’m in Kentucky?  For the first time, not knowing is….exciting.  I’m beginning the process of teacher certification in Kentucky, and there are so many things that I also want to do besides be a music teacher.  Maybe I’ll be a writer and give lessons.  Maybe I’ll get to be the chaplain in a nursing home and pray with residents and share the hope of Christ (granted that I don’t actually have to be a pastor to do that) and get paid for it.  Maybe I can do something else in a church where I’ll make money enough to live.  Maybe I’ll do a little bit of everything I love…and still make money.  I may or may not be procrastinating doing bullets on my lengthy to-do list, but I have decided that I can stay here an extra day to get things done before I go home.  (I also put “write blog post” on the list, so there’s my awesome excuse.  ‘Cuz I want to keep you lovely readers up to date on Anna’s life.)  There is something super satisfactory about checking things off of a list.  I’ve also been talking with Doc Wile E. Coyote about organization and stuff, and I keep encouraging him to write a stinkin’ list.  Then he’ll get to check it off and feel that satisfactory.  A tip for others who struggle and have stuff to do: write smaller things on your list.  I have a smaller checklist for each day, and they include things like “Drink coffee,” “stretch,” and “read the Word.”  Now, these are all things I do every day, but these daily checklists both help me to remember things, PLUS I get to check things off.  It’s pretty awesome.

Somebody asked me yesterday why I haven’t been going to first service at church.  Seriously.  I’m done with school.  Pretty soon I’ll be a “real” adult.  I’m sleeping in a lot while I can.  And soon, Sundays will be the only day I CAN sleep in!  I must take advantage.  As the Christmas season approaches supes fast, I pray for safe travels for all who are traveling (and then I realized that I’m driving a lot of places, too), and I pray that it will be a good holiday season, where we’ll remember the reason for the season.

God chose these average-Joe shephards to share the good news with first.  They weren’t anything special.  But neither am I.  Or you.  But God chose YOU to share the good news with, and he is holding out his arms, waiting for you to run to him.  He holds a gift of salvation, and he is waiting for you to take it and rip it open and accept the gift and be greatful.  Then, as we do with gifts that we don’t so much like, re-gift it!  Because the cool thing about the gift of Christ is, once we receive him, he will never be taken away.  This is what the sermon yesterday was about.  So re-gift this amazing gift and share it with people you don’t like that you’re going to re-gift that fruitcake and those awful-smelling..whatever.  Re-gift it and share it with people you love that have received it already because the gift of Christ can go around and around and around.  Anyhoo, I’m babbaling.  Have a merry Christmas, everyone!



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