he’s waiting for you

I read this awesome post yesterday by my friend Amy that was about drawing closer to God.  In all my busyness and getting ready to come home and DISTRACTION, I kind of forgot that God and his word come first.  I love when people tell me what to do.  I seek their advice before I look for answers from the word.  Advice from people is more likely to be direct: “I think you should do this and that.”  Done.  Advice from the word?  Not as easy to interpret.  There IS a character named Anna, but she was real old and got to see Jesus and praise him.  Nowhere in the Bible does it say, “Anna, go here and do this.”  Which is not so helpful.  But the Word DOES say that God will provide; that he’ll be with us wherever we go, and that he’s got plans for each of us.  He knows what will happen before it happens.  Predestination or not, God already knows what we’ll chose, and what he’ll do next to try and draw our gaze toward him.  God works through people who are also full of the Spirit.  Like there’s this one guy who I’ve talked a lot about here in the last few months, and I emailed him yesterday when he was at work.  And then the Lord was totally working through him as he typed out a reply.  And so I spent some time this morning to draw closer to the Lord.  I’m very self-critical, but God’s all like, “Why?  You are my MASTERPIECE.  What I have given you, such as comfort and blessings, so I ask that you give it to others, that all may know of my comfort and be blessed.  I am stronger than you, because I am GOD.  I made you, that you may love me and praise me and honor me in all that you do.”  So, I’m like, “Okay, God, you’ve got me.  Seriously.  I’m yours.”  But God doesn’t stop, like, ever.  He continues to love on me through people I love in return.  He blesses me and shows me his love and provision again and again.

Many of us are getting home for the holidays or preparing to go.  This season is about CHRIST.  Before we all get so wrapped up in him, I encourage you all to draw closer to him.  Because he is waiting for you.  His arms are outstretched, and he’s waiting for you to run into his arms.  To cuddle and to draw your gaze to his.  But since he can’t really touch us in the physical sense, he sends the perfect people to cuddle with us.  My favorite part of the Christmas season is getting together with family that we don’t get to see all the time.  In the midst of it all is Christ, blessing us and making our favorite parts of Christmas realized.  What is your favorite part of Christmas?  How do you see the Lord working in the midst of it all? 



2 thoughts on “he’s waiting for you

    1. Yes! My two younger sisters are still in college, so we’re still not too far away. There will come a year, but this is not that year (Lord of the Rings quote?). Have an awesome Christmas with your kids! Be blessed this holiday season!


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