20+ Things I’ve Learned So Far This Summer

I have been learning so much this summer, and I’ve had incredible opportunities to give music lessons, write, compose, and even read from the stack of books I’ve held since Christmas. As I was reflecting on all of this, I, being the kind of person I am, made a list. So here it is. 20 things I’ve learned so far this summer:

1. If a student is willing to do a lesson every week, give them a lesson every week, even though it’s summer.

2. How to tell if a student has practiced, no matter what they tell you.

3. Mothers have a lot of power over their kids and love to hear that their child is improving.

4. I can teach students, no matter their level (yay confidence boost!).

5. A student will practice more if: they were humiliated by lack of knowledge at a previous lesson (unintentional on my part), they like their instrument and know that they are getting better, they have a nagging mother, and/or teenage hormones that want them to impress their young female instructor (who looks younger than she is).

6. I’m a good encourager (already knew this, but now in a new situation, I guess).

.7. If our neighbor, Tim Louwagie, cuts hay, it’ll rain (no matter the forecast).

8. Pongo (our dog) isn’t as bad as I thought, and talking to him instead of myself is deemed socially acceptable, even preferred.

9. No texting while driving tractor.

10. I’m more like my dad than I thought.

11. I can’t cook unless the food item was frozen and/or came from a box.

12. Whomever I marry must be able to cook or like frozen dinners.

13. I really love a lot of things and can’t wait to graduate and dive in to life.

14. Though many have a hard time understanding me, my mom usually knows what I mean when I say something.

15. My parents get credit for my humor. If you don’t get any of it, I don’t think you qualify as much of a friend, sorry.

16. Mowing lawn affects allergies, especially if it’s a bit windy outside.

17. Mowing lawn going fast isn’t the smartest thing if you don’t want it to be sloppy and you get paid by the hour.

18. This farmyard can hold 50+ cars at a time, if needed.

19. MS is super annoying and sucks a lot, but I am way better at dealing with the heat than I was a couple years ago.

20. God’s plan and his timing are perfect, no matter how grumpy I am about it.

I’m pretty sure I could make this list 50 and would still have things to say about what I’ve learned so far this summer, but I’ll only give you some. I’ve also been learning and experiencing a ton how God hears us and answers our prayers. Some much sooner than others, but it’s a great thing. I prayed about giving lessons at home, cuz it didn’t sound like there would be anyone. ¾ of my students get lessons from my house. I prayed about getting this story I’ve been working on published, and I’ve received tons of assurance and encouragement from others on the journey. I also have decided on seminary after I’m done with undergrad at Augie, and I am super excited to begin the search process and see if I can’t teach at the same time. I told a friend that it’s like I metaphorically got earwax removed, cuz I’m hearing God tons. It’s great. That would be 21, probably. God is awesome—period. What are you learning this summer?


2 thoughts on “20+ Things I’ve Learned So Far This Summer

  1. Well, your post just actually made me want to be still and seriously think about what I have learned this summer. This is a great post! We learn even we weren’t aren’t in school…life. What type of music lessons do you teach ? ( for what instrument ). God Bless

    1. I am teaching two percussion lessons, one trumpet, and one french horn. I feel like I’ve actually been learning more not in school. Probably not, but that’s how I feel at the moment. 🙂 Blessings back!


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