A Post with a Request

To me, MS= a way for God to show his glory through my physical struggles

Today, I read this blog post that my aunt posted.  She works at the Multiple Sclerosis society in Kansas, where she and her family live.  It makes me full of hope at the compassion people like her have and how couples are dealing with the unpredictable disease together.  I was then thinking about the MS chapter where I live.  At this time in my life, I feel alone with it.  My cousin was diagnosed years after me, but I feel like my struggles and my age kind of isolate me.  I don’t know other people like me.  I have been online to a few places where I can meet others with MS, but they are depressed and speak in a depressing way.  I have talked to still more who seem to glorify themselves by being over-involved in everything they can be to raise money and awareness of the disease.  Is there anyone like me?  There’s gotta be.  Younger women who love Jesus and are dealing with MS by His power?  I would love to start a Facebook group or something for others like me, but I can’t find them.  This post is a little bit different than ones I normally post.  I was talking to my mom about this and tears came to my eyes.  I have been praying that the Lord break my heart for a people group and to lead me to a ministry, but I can’t do so by myself.  The need for the strength and saving grace of the Lord is apparent in the community of many who are stuck in their struggles.  I know there are people who are living normally with the disease who love Jesus.  Do they struggle within themselves?  I would love to round up enough people, wherever they’re at, for an online community of support and faith.  Could you help me?


Anna =)^2

10 thoughts on “A Post with a Request

  1. Our Father in Heaven, I come to You, Father, in praise of who You are, and for all that You are. You are the Great God Almighty, Creator and Sustainer of all, and the Author of every good and worthwhile thing. You are the Eternal God of Love and Holiness, and You are Perfect in all Your ways. Father, I come to You, on behalf of Anna. Father, You know the desires of her heart for You put them there, and Father, I know that You never lay something on someone’s heart without already knowing that there’s someone who needs and is desiring what my sister-in-Christ is desiring to give.. Father, I pray You will send to her those people who are needing what she desires in her heart to give, and that You might continue to strengthen and love her as she goes through each day. I pray Father, that You shower her with Your love and goodness, that You will continue to grow her faith and trust in You so that she can and will be an even more useful tool that You can use to pour out Your love and goodness upon other people. I thank You for her life, and for showing through it that Your power and love are things not of this world, but are truly gifts from You. Thank You for Your, Son, Jesus Christ, and it’s in His precious holy name, I pray…Amen.

  2. I can definitely relate to you finding communicating with people (with MS or other serious diseases) depressing. Most secular “support groups” are gatherings of depressed people and that’s the reason I started my blog, to encourage people going through trials. I think this is a big need.

  3. I ended up here reading your post/request through a friend who reblogged. I no longer have a FB page, but when I did I belonged to a very awesome Christian group of people dealing with my afflictions (FMS/CFS/CLD/RSD). I will be praying for you, but I think if you search for a Christian MS group on Facebook, you may find a good one already established. I’ll ask my daughter to do some checking for you because her best friend has MS and is on Facebook a lot.
    May He bless you… and you are never alone, there are a lot of us folks out who are willing to hold you up in prayer!

    1. I’ve been realizing His great power and hand in everything, especially this as of late. Thank you so much for your prayers and for your willingness to help!


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