My Abbreve Psalm

Written 3-27-12, Anna Olson


My God is strong and mighty to save.

Of all the peeps I talk with, he’s my fav.

My Heavenly Father answers me totes def.

Sometimes it’s a no, but sometimes it’s a yep.

The Spirit gives me patience to wait upon the Lord.

But even while I’m waiting, I’m def not bored!

My Jesus rocks my socks off with all his wondrous deeds.

He even promises in Philippians 4:19 to supply all my needs.

My Redeemer teaches me something new almost every day.

I dive into the Word to hear what he’s telling me today.

Sometimes I don’t hear him, but sometimes I totes do.

‘Cuz everything he tells me, is totes def true.

God’s perf. character is shown throughout scripture.

It’s def totes cool to get a supes awes picture.

My Refuge protects me, when inapprops I’m scared.

My King is the best ev; no one can compare.

My Comforter I run to when something’s totes wrong.

My Advocate I turn to as I rej in song!

My Lord, he def and always understands me.

Even in abbreves, this poem makes him happy.  =)

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