A Valentine’s Day Post

Okay, so I felt I SHOULD post this on Valentine’s Day.  So here you go. Valentine’s Day is about love.  If you’re single [like me], the day can seem like a Debbie-downer to remind you just how single you are.  Some singles throw “anti-Valentine’s Day parties” or reject the day altogether.  But, I want to remind you all of a greater love.

I spoke of it in a previous post, entitled “Epic Love Story: YOURS.”  This love is from GOD, who will forever love us more than any significant other ever WILL on this earth!  God’s “reflex” to sin is wrath.  We ALL sin.  We DESERVE hell.  BUT, God loved us SO MUCH that he sent his ONLY SON to earth.  He didn’t want to pour his wrath on his people.  On you, whom he loves.  So Jesus Christ surrendered EVERYTHING when he came here.  Here was the Son of God, born in a BARN.  He gave up his career and his income as a carpenter to live as a SLAVE who hung out with sinners and the “unclean,” teaching all who would listen.  He surrendered his WILL and was even SEPARATED FROM GOD for the first and only time in eternity.  He died on a cross, a thief’s death of the most ultimate pain.  BUT on the third day, he rose again, VICTORIOUS!  Why did he do it?  FOR YOU.  It was the rescue plan that Jesus and the Father came up with to SAVE YOU.  Why?  Because he LOVES YOU.  There is no greater love than this, my friend!

A friend posted this on Facebook.  Good stuff!  (Thanks, Lacey!)

Smiling because he loves me<3

Anna =)^2

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