Epic Love Story: YOURS

I have, in the past, wondered about dreaming of a happily ever after.  I mean, Disney has surrounded us with perfect love stories, as well as the cheesy romantic books and movies…I mean, come on.  It always looks so perfect and leaves girls all over the nation dreaming of and thinking that everything will be perfect when she finds Mr. Right.  It is almost nauseating, actually.  News: YOU DON’T NEED A MAN TO MAKE YOU WHOLE.

But then, if you look in the Bible, there are TONS of love stories.  These include: Abraham and Sarah, Jacob and Rachel, Abigail and David, Tobiah and Sarah, and have you read Song of Solomon?  Me neither, but I heard it’s good.  In the New Testament: Zechariah and Elizabeth, Mary and Joseph, Priscilla and Aquila.  And then throughout the whole Bible we see the greatest love story of all: God’s love for us.  What other lover has ever sacrificed so much?  God sacrificed his only Son, who in turn gave up everything.  For you.  So we are all involved in an epic love story as we speak, whether we have a significant other or not.   So it’s sorta like a Disney movie, without a sappy end scene, cuz this story just keeps going and going and doesn’t have an end (it has a forever)!

And the funny thing is, we don’t need anyone here on earth to make us feel whole or complete.  We just need the first and best lover of our soul in all of creation: Jesus.  I know that I, the single young adult I am, had to come to terms with that FIRST.  I think it’s so awesome being able to communicate with Jesus and hearing him tell me how awesome I am, while paying him back the compliment.  It’s better hearing it from Jesus than anyone else, just so you know.  I have realized that there are a lot more people struggling with this than I once thought.  So, if you’re reading THIS and are shocked: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  There are books like “I Kissed Dating Goodbye,” “Captivating,” “When God Writes Your Love Story,” and “Lady in Waiting” that talk about things like this and to help you deal and learn and grow.  The guys’ version of “Captivating” is “Wild at Heart,” just an fyi.

Thus, I think it’s okay to dream of a happily ever after.  But not torment over it and complain that it’s nowhere in sight.  I have been learning PATIENCE.  Whoa, who woulda ever thought I could learn patience?  But I have.  It’s pretty cool, actually.  It may have taken a bit of time to come to terms, but IT CAN BE DONE.  And I still get a little impatient at times, but then Jesus is just like, “Hey…” and I start chatting with him about it.  Jesus sorta gets it.  Hang in there, my friends!

Smiling Always, Anna =)^2

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