The Story of The Flabble

I recently came up with a new game: do the crossword in the paper as far as you can, and then, when stuck, fill in the blank to make new words!  I have only done this once, but I thought I should justify some of these nonsense words.  Thus, this story was born.  See if you can identify the made up words and their new meanings (there are 20 made up words).

Once upon a time there was a flabble.  The flabble was beautiful, with lime green wings with which she could fly, and vibrant black hair that glowed.  She had hairy webbed feet, and wore a roner, for her hairless arms grew cold at times.  Her superpowers were referred to as velo, for she glowed, could fly, and could make herself bigger or smaller at will.  She could also swim fairly well, but she swam as a swan does—she didn’t always like getting her wings wet.  This particular flabble was named Lusah.  She lived in an iloe made of slibved and olas, which made her iloe a beautiful white that made her black hair pop.  Her iloe was located on an exotic island that we’ve never heard of.  There were many iloo, which housed many flabbles with similar superpowers.  On the island, the village of flabbles, called an eiair, farmed ralkrs, their main food and ingredient in most all the foods they eat.  It is said a flabble can live off of ralkrs alone, but it  is somewhat boring without any other foods with it.  On a typical day, Lusah would wake up early to get ready for work.  She ate some ralkrs that had been lided and mixed with yelleks, which was a type of meat that is often eaten with ralkrs.  Then she would get dressed, pulling on her work roner and ilstes, which are like jeans, but made out of a different material called olour.  Lusah would go the kalma, where she worked every day as a tero.  The job was similar to a telephone operator, but flabbles didn’t have phones.  Each flabble had a ibeme, and Lusah was responsible to make sure they were connected to the right people at the right time and make sure everything was running smoothly.  One day, Lusah was simply tired of her monotonous job as a tero.  So, she went outside.  She made herself really small as she took off into flight.  The air carried her better when she flew as a smaller being.  She hummed the song “Srinc,” which was about being mistaken for something else.  She hoped that if she was spotted, she would be.  Then Lusah decided that she should hide like a fly on the wall and scare her friend Iser, who was working.  Iser was a lobra, or, a person who works in the food department at the kalma.  Iser had the power to detect, which made her really good as a lobra, for she could detect if ralkrs or yelleks were going to go bad soon.  Lusah flew into the kalma, and suddenly grew big and hopped on the floor.  She laughed as Iser jumped.  Then they decided that they both should take a break and went out to play in the sun for a few hours before returning to work.  So they did.  The end.

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