The Story (A Christmas Blog)

This is a video that helped me chill during finals week (and yes, I did watch this movie a few nights later):

“It is finished.”  Yep, I’m DONE WITH FINALS!  That’s the first thing that popped into my head the other day.  I was like, “When I’m done, it’ll be finished.  Like when Jesus was dying on the cross and we didn’t have to worry about our sins anymore, but more like when I’m done with the semester and I’ve done all I can so therefore I’m just waiting for my grades back.  But wait.  It’s not quite the same.”  So, thinking about Christmas and everything…

Yeah, it’s TIME to be thinking about Christmas.  The Christmas STORY, not the Americanized fairytale, good moral be-nice-to-everyone type of fictional story.  The STORY that can’t be told better by anyone else!  (I know people have interpreted the story and retold it, but it happened once and won’t again.)  The reason Jesus came was so he COULD utter the words, “It is finished.”  DO YOU REALIZE WHAT THAT MEANS!?  It is finished, done, paid for.  When the judge holds up a list of all the sins you have ever committed (for they’re all the same in his book, and there are more than you could imagine—no amount of good deeds cancel them out), your verdict is hell.  Departure from God forever.  But THEN, Jesus comes in the room.  He’s like, “Judge, look at my list.  What is my verdict?”  And the judge is like “Well, it’s perfect.  There ARE no sins here.  Therefore, your verdict is eternity in paradise with me.”  And Jesus turns to you and is like, “Wanna trade?”  WHOA BESSY!  That’s what happens next chapter of the story.  We always celebrate OUR birthdays; they are a day honoring us for us.  Christmas isn’t just a DAY.  Yes, it is a federal holiday we set aside, special for remembering great events.  But don’t you want to live everyday honoring Jesus?  I know I do, real bad.

Okay, so this has turned into a little tangent.  But what blogs of mine don’t in some way?  So, I’m at home now (HOME!), so I wish you all a merry Christmas!

Until later, Anna =)^2 (Smiling Lots)

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