Rest and Boxes

“Anna, you need to learn how to take care of yourself.”  “Anna, there’s this word that you  need to learn: ‘no’.  You should put it to use.”  “Anna, even Jesus took times to rest during his ministry.  He only had three years to change the world through his ministry, but he still took time apart to spend with his heavenly father.”

So, guess what I’ve been attempting to do this week?  Not as much as usual.  And spending more time with Jesus ‘cuz it makes me feel better (even HE keeps nudging me that I need to rest!).  And you wanna know the best part?  (This is totally God, btw, making SURE I  get my rest….)  My lesson that’s on Wednesday afternoon was rescheduled to Monday, my night class on Wednesday went short, there’s no night class on Thursday, and I only have one class on Friday.  WHOA.  Now tell me there is another hand making these things happen!?

I get it.  Take better care of myself.  Easy enough to do this week.  Will I learn?  Perhaps but not very well.  Oh!  Registering for courses next Monday—you know how I overloaded and tried to take 19 credits this semester?  I’d just like to say I’m registering for 14 credits next semester.  Learning?  Perhaps.

And this weekend, I am going to a conference called “Life Options,” where we will learn about discerning God’s will for our lives.  I am pretty excited.  And I’d say that this comes at a good time.  I’m pretty set on Music Therapy now, but I’m kinda scared.  Also, I’m not so set that I put God in a box.  ‘Cuz I’ve done that before and there’s not much in that.  God ALWAYS knows best.

There’s this song that we taught the kids this summer that goes like this:

If Jesus is in a box, you should take him outta there, ‘cuz he doesn’t BELONG IN A BOX!  However, many things can land him there.  Trying to KNOW everything or be in control of your own life?  That puts him in a box and shows that you don’t trust Jesus with that stuff.  Trying to conquer problems in your life by yourself?  Yep, that boxes him up.  Why would you even want to do that, if you have the greatest help in the world?  The divine?  The perfect one?  Many times we don’t mean to, but we “accidently” box him up anyway.

If I had an itty bitty box to put the devil in, I’d keep him there.  It would be difficult to get him there in the first place.  However, Jesus has smashed his face before (big time), and Jesus is pretty much the most forceful hammer that can smash in the devil’s face anyway.  There’s this other song that we taught the kids this summer.  It’s call and response:

WORD! (Word!) GOD’S WORD! (God’s word!) GOD’S WORD IS POWERFUL! (God’s word is powerful!) GOD’S WORD IS POWERFUL AND MIGHTY! (God’s word is powerful and mighty!) MIGHTY, MIGHTY, IS THE WORD THAT MAKES THE DEVIL TREMBLE! (Mighty, mighty, is the word that makes the devil tremble!) BEAT THAT BIG BAD DEVIL WITH A BIBLE VERSE! (Beat that big bad devil with a Bible verse!) WORD!

And then it repeats until either 1) The person leading it loses her breath or voice; B) whatever is being gotten ready for next is ready; or Choo-Choo Train) boredom starts to set in and attention is being lost.  (I’m tellin you, the list style will CATCH ON! See video below.) have definitely found that Bible verses help.  What’s your favorite Bible verse?  I love hearing these, so please comment below!

I have a few favorites: Joshua 1:9; 2 Cor 12:9; and Matthew 6:34 are my favorites but there are so many verses I like!  So many that I like to say often when I’m in need of comfort or something like that.

So, this blog once again got off on a tangent but I hope you followed it.  I love you all!

Smiling always, Anna =)^2

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