It Is Yours, Lord

Written 7-24-11, Anna Olson


Who am I that I think I can judge other people, or even myself?  God, you are the only person who can judge.  All judgment is yours, Lord.

What do I think of money, that I can keep it for myself?  I don’t know where money is always coming from, and neither do others.  All of my money is yours, Lord.

I keep noticing things I didn’t before.  All these miracles are of you, God!  Why did I not see then what I do now?  I pray that all my attention is yours, Lord.

Why do I let Satan in to tempt me, when I can just turn to the Lord and put on the armor of God to protect me?  When I am weak, I am made strong.  I pray that all my weakness is yours, Lord.

Why do I worry, when I know that God has it all taken care of?  You cloth the earth and feed the birds, you will never leave me in need!  All my worries are given to you, Lord.

Oh, how Jesus suffered on the cross for all us!  Why do I complain, when he has suffered everything for me?  All my suffering is given to you, Lord.

I am but a mist that appears for a short while before it evaporates.  My life may be small, but it’s yours, Lord.

All this talk of the Lord being worthy of praise?  He is the only thing worthy of praise!  All of my praise is yours, Lord.

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