My Soul Expresses, “He Is Worthy!”

[Note to Dr. WEC: This is NOT your poem.  This is a different one.  Just sayin’.]


My soul sings. 

It sings holy, holy, holy are you God.  My soul sings when I’m quiet or when I’m thinking and I nod.  It sings with or without music, but I take the opportunities of being alone in the car when I’m going somewhere to sing.   A made-up melody and song that usually rhymes I voice for my King. 

It’s because he is worthy. 

Sometimes I sing when I’m talking to myself, singing to myself instead.  It’s more fun to sing and rhyme than vocalize what is simply said.  I sing when I’m happy; I sing when I’m sad.  I sing about everything, even though it might sound bad. 


I write from the outpouring of my soul. 

When there’s so much to process, to say, and to hear?  Writing is a way I can see it clear.  I write when I’m thinking or sad or pleased.  I write stories and poems and mercilessly I tease.  What would it be like if I was super serious all the time?  Boring, I say, and it’s FUN to rhyme! 

It’s because he is worthy. 

Whatever I write, I want it to be for God’s glory.  He is what matters, so let everyone hear his story!  If somebody can take one thing away from what I write, then it’s all worth it, every blog outright. 


But sometimes I get in the way. 

It’s not all bad, I’d say. 

My humor adds a little something.

‘Cuz when I’m writing, I want God’s voice to ring.

But I write and I sing and play music and whatever. 

It’s because he is worthy, and super clever. 



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