Week Five

Logs of the week, I find boring.  Sorry if they interested you, I don’t feel like writing that this week.


–          Three kids at Tabernacle accepted Christ into their hearts this week!  Pray for Raven, 6-year-old Milik, and other boy who’s name I don’t remember and their new faiths!

–          We built a fort.  Or I should say, some of the girls on our floor built a fort Wednesday night.  Four of them slept in it the first night, I have no idea how many the next night, then we had to take it down ‘cuz people were coming.

–          For our social on Friday, we went to a French festival.  I have me a new djembe, with calf-skin head and it’s both super pretty and sounds amazing.  Playing it at Tuesday night’s weekly meeting!  SOOOO excited!

–          On Friday night, the majority of our group went to see the new Harry Potter movie.  However, the rest of us (like, 6 of us) went to a little park and hung out.  We got back like 20 minutes before the other group.  But we had tons o’fun.  =)

What God has been doing:

–          Well, he worked in the hearts of three kids at Tabernacle this week!  And he was working through us to get through to those and the rest of the kids! Praise Jesus!

–          Grr.  I was convicted of the iceberg sin of control in my life that manifests itself in many ways.  All I can do is pray that God will remove it eventually, and work at it, however long that takes.  I can trust that God will take care of it and focus on here and now.  Which is hard.  I ask for your prayers as well!

Prayer Requests:

–          Next week, we will be at Hopewell—pray for us and the people we will touch there!

–          Pray for God’s work to continue as it has, impacting each of us so much!  God is awesome.  Pretty much.

God is so good!  Thanks, everyone, for your prayers!  And, if you have an idea other than these lists of sorts for an update, let me know.

Smiling, Always, Anna =)

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