Five-Fold Ministry: Pastor

Synonyms: Soul-winners. Oversees, shepherds, and tends the flock of God. Protector.

Characteristics: Protector, hospitable, nurturing, love being around people. Peaceful, disarming, motivating, and counsel with wisdom.

Responsibilities: Care for and protect God’s flock; be worthy of imitation. Serve, inspire, and live as role models for their church. Instruct believers further in the things of Christ and build them up in faith. Admonishes and encourages in order to edify in love, with the patience and compassion of the Father. “He is humbled by the precious gift he’s been given and knows he’s fully accountable to God for each soul He places in his care and does not consider the gift and responsibility a light thing, but rather the most awesome responsibility in all of creation” (B. Dino).

Passions: Discipleship.

Examples: Jesus Christ, Timothy, Lydia. Who else do you know in this role? Some people from my life in this role include Pastor Jason Mueller, Pastor Jim Demke, and Tom Hartsock.

I read somewhere that women rate close to pastors on online tests because their mothering instinct is to protect those under their care and to love and grow their children. I even considered being a pastor at one point because I love doing discipleship. But the three men I have listed above? They are GREAT at discipleship and great at what they do. Not all preachers are the closest to the gift of “pastor.” Some of them teach better than they do some of the other responsibilities that fall under a pastor. There is nothing bad about that at all. I know churches that have a leadership TEAM, not simply one pastor to take care of everything. I think this is smart, if one has the resources. Then, a person that lands in each of these five spiritual ministries can be involved, and all the bases would be covered.

Anna E Meyer

Do you know people who display the gift of pastoring? Are they all pastors, or could they be other people, as well?

Five-Fold Ministry: Intro to a New Series

In recent weeks, God has been teaching me a lot about spiritual gifts and the different offices where those spiritual gifts can be used. For instance, I have a lot of random spiritual gifts. I’ve taken spiritual gifts tests (found online—I just googled them), and I know what I enjoy and what I’m kind of good at. But how am I supposed to use them all together? I encourage people, like to read and write about spiritual things, and my gut is usually correct when I just “sense things.” Most of the time. I love listening to, creating, and teaching music with the goal to let my students become good at something so that they’ll have somewhere they can release stress. Etc, etc, etc.

I was going through Ephesians 4 with the Bible study I’m a part of, and we came upon this gem:

“So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up” (verses 11 & 12).

1 Kings 18:44 references the hand. The little cloud the size of a man's hand became a big 'ole storm in the blink of an eye!
1 Kings 18:44 references the hand. The little cloud the size of a man’s hand became a big ‘ole storm in the blink of an eye!

What the heck are apostles and prophets? Evangelists are those people who share the gospel all the time and give you little booklets about the gospel, right? Pastors are the people who preach at us on Sunday, right? And teachers are the ones we see every other day of the week if we go to school. Right? NOT QUITE. ON ANY OF THESE. Randy Barnett said in an article I’m referencing for this series, “There is nothing in Scripture that would lead us to believe that any of these no longer exists.” Even the prophet still exists today, although not many people may realize it.

In this series, we are going to focus on these five offices of ministry; we’ll zoom in on each one. I’m still doing a lot of research on these gifts myself, so expect good things. My goal is that in writing about these ministries, I can learn more about them, myself. (That’s what happens when I write about something, usually.) For those of you tuning in after the series has been published, congrats—you get to read them all or skip to the one you are most curious about. For everyone else who is reading my blog posts as I write and publish them, I’m going to try to give you three posts a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

As I share about a ministry, I would like you to consider who it is that you know who fits the description well. Then go ahead and let them know! Before I began this process, I was pretty sure where I’d land, but then I realized I was quite wrong. By the end of this series, perhaps you will have a better idea of where you land, as well! These posts should not be taken as they are written, though I’ve been doing research. They should be a tool or a kick-off to study these ministries on your own!

And that, my friends, is what I’m most excited about in writing this series. I will be talking about them each in the order they are found in Ephesians 4:11.

Anna E Meyer

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