God is…

So, I think it was last year when I first had the idea of making a “God is…” wall.  When I’d be reading the good book or reflecting on God’s character, I’d add a word.  24 index cards were taped to the wall.  It was last year when God really started revealing more of his character to me through the OT, plus, I liked looking at all the words when I was writing.  I threw away my “God is…” index cards, for then I can make a new one again.  It is amazing just to read through them and think that all those words up there, on the wall?  It doesn’t even begin to tell you who God is.  It’s just a teensy glimpse.  Whoa!  =)


God is awesome and beautiful.

He is captivating and delightful.

Do you know this God of mine?

He is eternal, and he is fine!

Good, heavenly, and illuminious;

God is a just judge, a kind king, and loves us!

He is mighty and he is near to me.

He is omnipotent and precious and quirky.

My God is righteous, sovereign, and triumphant.

He is ubiquitous and vigilant.

This God you should know is worthy.

He is excellent, he is yours, and he is zealous for me.

My God IS, just as I am.

I wish I could describe this glorious lamb!


Therefore, in Christ, we are adopted.

In him we are blameless, chosen, and devoted.

Christ has equipped us and we are forgiven.

Grace and hope he has given.

Christ has invited us and we are justified.

We are knowing and loved yet still mystified.  .

But through Christ we are new and obey him gladly.

Christ protects us and quenches all who are thirsty.

His righteousness he gave, as he did salvation.

We have trust, and though undeserving received vindication.

With open arms we’re welcomed and he gave us excitement.

Now we’re yellin’ praise, for we’re zesty for him who went!

The Son of Man died for me, I’ll ever sing his praise!

He is God himself and my hands I raise!


God is alive, beloved and compassionate to me.

He is devoted and exalted and as faithful as could be!

He is glorious and oh-so holy,

He’s the I AM and jealous for me.

God is the King of kings and the light of all.

He is the maker of all things and never drops the ball.

My God the only and the perfect Lord.

He is quick; he’s my rock and sword.

He’s three yet one; he’s unique!

God is victorious and wonderfully sweet.

He is extraordinary, he is Yahweh.

God is a bit zany, but that’s his way!

No poem or dictionary or any amount of words,

Could describe this divine being who cares for even the birds.

My God is much more than any of us could imagine.

But he is here and he is moving, always bringing action!