“Real Person” and Her Mishaps

Once upon a time there was a fictional character who was really cool.  Even though this character was only in the book series she starred in, all who read the stories fell in love and wanted to be her best friend (she was so cool!).

Then one day, one of the readers was like, “I think I’m gonna go into this story and hang out with this really cool character!”  And so, somehow, she did.  RP somehow got into the story and became a part of the action.  But RP?  She could leave the book whenever she wanted to join the real world again.

The author of the book had no idea where this new character, RP, was coming from.  The setting of the story was not even an actual place.  It was a fantasy-fiction series, for heaven’s sake!  Most of the characters had a super-power of some sort.  Apparently, this was RP’s—coming into the story and baffling everyone!

The readers delighted in the new character, but soon became jealous of RP and how similar she was to the most of them.  At school in the real world, RP had quickly become the most popular, for she knew what she would be doing before she did it.  She also kind of bragged about it.  In the story, too, RP’s popularity grew, for none of the other characters knew what would happen.

But pretty soon, RP became the bad guy.  Disrupting relationships?  Destroying the utopia that had been the setting of the book?  It is said that things get worse before they get better.  Even at school in the real world, RP had begun to make enemies.

After being confused at how her stories had come to involve RP, the author realized RP’s true identity.  So, the author grounded her daughter for her interference and hacking into her mother’s work computer.  And though the fictional characters had RP banned forever, the author started a new series just for RP and let her write whatever she wanted.  Creative writing shouldn’t be limited to just the published few, but all who enjoy it!

A Creative Writer Who Smiles A Lot, Anna =)^2 (Smiles Squared)