Saturday Smiley: Spring Break!

I feel like Spring Break always lands at a perfect time.  The week before?  Lotsa stress of midterms, losing sleep, I felt like myself and others were all starting to get sick…. Perfect timing, spring break!  [Also, I’m running out of quarters and was about to run out of laundry.  (Life of a college student.)]

Oh, and awesomeness is that it’s been in the 70s here and at school for most of the week, and shall continue!  Woo!  It definitely FEELS like break time.  =)  A bunch of my friends are on their way to Florida, for “Big Break,” a Cru conference where they get to go out and actually share their faith at Panama City Beach, so pray for them!  AND other friends of mine are going on trips to like, California (driving?!) and Chicago (Christina and a friend of hers, also driving).  Spring break is a good time for that.  But me?  I’m just chillin’ at home!  =)

I always have too many goals for my breaks and stuff.  But this week?  I’ve been trying to minimize them.  On Sunday we’re going up to the cities to see some family that we haven’t seen for awhile and I’m having a few appointments for various things while I’m home.  Other than that?  Let’s RELAX and NOT WORRY about everything else!  (‘Cuz that’s when the best breaks happen!)

Chillin’ and smilin’ lots, Anna =)^2