A Poem on Being Still

It’s easier to hide behind a pen

Than saying things out loud.

It’s easier to detangle thoughts through my fingers

Than to quietly




I hear the voice.

But how?

I journal and pray there daily.


I hear proclaimed again.

“How am I supposed to do that?”

I reply.


I set down my pen.

And I think.

So many decisions,

but I can’t hear anything.

Be still.

It is suggested that I fast

by someone who’s opinion I trust.

And so I didn’t write.

For four days.


Writing is how I think.

It’s how I communicate.


Four days?

 But it’s possible.

Anything is.

Anything is possible when God’s there.

And though I didn’t hear

The answer I was looking for,

I heard




I didn’t think I did,

Until I processed in my journal after.

Then I was sure.

Is that cheating?

Probably not.


Sometimes, we must be still

to see what’s going on around us or

inside ourselves.


God is there, waiting for us to listen.

What is listening?

How do we do it?

Everyone’s God language is different,

So I can’t tell you.

I’m not sure I can tell you mine,

though I know I’ve heard him many times.


Be still.






A Psalm of Worry then Relief

Written 10-9-12, Anna Olson


The mistakes of my past weigh heavy on my shoulders.

I try to shrug them off, but they weigh down like boulders.

I try to change the past, but there’s no way I’ll succeed.

I can only change the future which will be better than the past, guaranteed.

I beat myself up over what I coulda, woulda, shoulda done.

But that’s not helping anything, just adding to the weight a ton.

Jesus taps me on the shoulder, but I hardly notice as I struggle.

He clears his throat and randomly announces he knows how to juggle.

I turn to see his face after his announcement so sarcastic.

But my eyes grow wide as he takes a heavy rock from me and tosses it real drastic.

“Can you take more?” I ask, and I follow his gaze to my white-knuckled grip.

“Oh, right,” I say and I try and loosen up as I bite my lip.

I watch the Lord smile as he reaches over to help me.

Then, he takes my burden away completely!

“Anna,” he says as he hands me a gift.

“I’m always right here, waiting!” My perspective begins to shift.

Instead of worrying about my flimsy worries here on earth, I look to Jesus!

Does what I’m doing have eternal worth? Always, always, look to Jesus!

It doesn’t matter what I didn’t do, just what I will.

And since I won’t be doing all that on my own, I can just BE STILL!