Meetin New People, Getting Feet Wet, Amen!

It has been quite a weekend! Project jumped into action on Friday afternoon, and we have been busy ever since with training and orientation. I love how fast everyone here clicked and connected. I mean, I already feel like I have known everybody here for a long time. Oh and Greg S, there’s a guy here who could be you in a few years. Just sayin.

Yesterday, we went on our first outreach on Bradford Beach. We were taught how to share the KGP, we went out and shared it. “Getting our feet wet,” as one of the staff told us. It was a little cooler out, so there weren’t all that many people on the beach. I, personally, had no luck with conversations of any kind, but one person accepted Christ into his heart, and another looked like God had reached him as well, though he didn’t pray to receive Christ while at the beach.

This morning, we went to a small African-American church “in the hood.” They were so welcoming, and I immediately fell in love with them. Their souls were on their sleeves, and it was so moving that I almost wanted to cry during the music at the beginning of the service and nothing had been said yet! And then the affirmation of faith was said with the most meaning I had ever heard anyone say. I hadn’t heard it like that before, but I will post it when I get it. The sermon was so moving, as the pastor shared his trials and hardships, while sharing what the Lord has done. There were “Amen!”s of agreement coming randomly from the small congregation that was easily overwhelmed by our project. The plan is to go to a different church every week, but they are all in the hood and not too far from Here’s Life, where we’re staying.

This afternoon, we went on a tour of the city slash scavenger hunt. We were shown the diversity and segregation in Milwaukee, the most segregated city in America. We also started the group discussion of how this can be changed and improved as to not be as segregated. In Acts 10, the Spirit told Peter in a vision that nothing can be called profane because everyone on earth was created by God, who loves them all equally.

This next week is orientation week. We were warned that it is going to be full, and we should get lotsa sleep and stay healthy. I admit that I pushed myself a bit much on Saturday when we did our outreach, but sleep will be called for early tonight and I’ve been taking it easy today, getting a ride instead of walking five blocks to church this morning, etc.

Prayer requests include for the two boys that were presented the KGP yesterday and our team this next week as we hit orientation hard. I love you all!

Smile Always, Anna

PS Feel free to shoot me questions or comment questions and I’ll try my best to answer them, as I’m sure I missed a lot of aspects you may have been wondering.

Last Beforehand Blog

With just a couple days until project, I am getting excited!  ALSO, I have been reading in the book of Acts this week and reflecting.  The Holy Spirit is the major being at work in Acts.  I think it is amazing how much the early church depended on the Spirit so much, and how it could speak to them.  I know for a fact that the Spirit is still at work as much as ever in our lives today, but it isn’t identified by many.  Through Acts, I have been shown God’s heart for all people, when even the Gentiles were being saved, and soon outnumbered the Jews.  In Acts 10, Peter told the Gentiles who sent for him, “You yourselves know that it is unlawful for a Jew to associate with or visit a Gentile; but God has shown me that I should not call anyone profane or unclean.”

I have also learned this week that God is sovereign, and I praise him for it.  On Sunday night we played an awesomely fun game of hide-and-go-seek tag, consisting of the 4-wheeler and the newer ranger that we haven’t played much on before.  We started playing around dusk, and soon it was dark. Dad and I were in the ranger when it tipped on its side (‘cuz we were going fast and having fun), which was a bit of a surprise.  Mom and the sisters came running.  “Are you okay?” she asked us.  “I’m fine,” I said, hanging by my seatbelt (which I am so glad was there).  But Dad said that his finger was hurt.  Fast-forward to today (Tuesday).  Dad ended up breaking two fingers, requiring surgery to insert pins and stitch up the lacerations and now has a cast for six weeks (that can’t get wet, so I won’t even miss all that much of jet-skiing this summer?) and I, for one, am pretty sore, with bruising showing up where my seatbelt was.  All I can say is: it could have been SO much worse.  So I praise God that it wasn’t.

Meanwhile, I am gathering and putting in my suitcase.  I have been asked a few times, so here is my summer address: (feel free to snail mail me)

Anna Olson

Summer in the City

2224 W. Kilbourn Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53233

I will have my cell phone, but there is another phone number for there, as well: (414) 344-1457.  I will also be checking my email when I can, and of course, this blog.

This is the last blog BEFORE project, I’ll update when I’m THERE!  Thank you all for your prayers.  And specific requests right now just include a quick recovery for my dad and the aching to go away for me so I can go ahead and have tons of fun when I’m there.  That and the consistent praying for all those who will be on Project with me and all those who we’ll encounter, that the Holy Spirit be with us all and that we’ll grow like crazy in our faith.

Smiling (as usual!), Anna