The Pinkie Toe

When we moved for residency, I tried starting a new blog. Well, I stopped blogging for like, a year and a half. And I think I like this blog I’m at. There’s history here. I wrote this one as a reflection of my past, and to remind everyone: YOU are important!

He Leads Me Along Write Paths

I met a girl at church camp one year who’s pinkie toe wasn’t actually on her foot, it was up a couple inches on her leg. I thought that was very interesting. In a show I used to watch on Disney Channel, called, “Phil of the Future,” there is an episode where Phil is embarrassed to go on a class trip because they would all be barefoot as they stomp on the berries to squish them. He was embarrassed, because in the future, nobody had pinkie toes anymore. In an article I read from wiseGEEK explaining the purpose of a pinkie toe, the writers stated that the issue of the pinkie toe’s function is said to be “frequently called into question.” It does the same thing as the three other little toes between it and the big toe. The article goes on to say, “It has been suggested that its…

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