The Black Eye: the story

So, um, Saturday. Doug, Lydia, and I were going to be at a garage sale all day. I say garage not because many people have them around here (including us…carport FTW?), but because we were literally on the first floor of the parking garage. I whispered my prayer, “God, I don’t do so well in the heat, and you know all the rest. Somehow, please help me today.” Doug whispered a similar prayer, “God, I need to be taking care of Anna, Lydia, AND this garage sale. Somehow, please help me today.” Everyone I had previously tried to contact to watch Lydia was unavailable. But that morning, I FINALLY got hold of a friend who said she’d watch her. So, we get there, and Doug starts setting up. Lydia hops on my walker and we just start walking. I;m just occupying Lydia while her daddy sets up the garage sale and we wait for Cat to come pick her up. As we finished lap one, Cat called me, but it connected to my car. I hung up, turned Bluetooth off, and called her back. Lydia was still on my walker, just enjoying her ride. I got Cat answered the phone, and THEN. I lost my balance. I tried to grab on to my walker. Three times I missed before I fell. In slow motion, my face took the brunt of the fall. Doug was watching and rushed over. “There are med students here. Get one!” I said. Then our angel came to help. Alicia is a hospitalist in town, and Doug had done a rotation under her. She cleaned up my face with baby wipes. “I’m no ER doc,” she said, “But I’d get that glued up or something.” Alicia then offered to watch over our sale so Doug could take me to the ER. After making sure I was alright, Cat left with Lydia.

You can see how scratched up my glasses got, and you can see the gash just under my right eyebrow.

On our way to the ER, Doug chuckles. “Well, this is an interesting start to the day!” I agreed. “We asked God for help today…definitely not what I had in mind.” He agreed to that, too.

Because my face had bruised so quickly, the NP thought I’d fractured something. So, neck brace. Doug is texting our parents, because at this point, I can only see directly above me. “Hey, Anna,” he said. “Do you remember that movie, Dodgeball?” I told him of course I did. “Well, you can’t dodge a wrench OR a ball!” We both laughed and continued to come up with stories that sound cooler than “Anna fell.” Lol. [Wrestled a big dog to the ground because it was attacking Lydia, I tried our gymnastics, rugby match, Lydia’s got a wicked left hook, I saved the puppies from the puppy mill we found…..? Do you buy any of these? ‘Cuz they ALL sound cooler than “I fell.”]

Well, nothing was fractured, evrything was just bruised. My neck was freed and the NP came in to stitch me up. I didn’t know she had to keep poking me with the Lydocane. I mean, it makes sense. The face has a whole lot of nerves. “Stop it!” I cried at one point. “Anna, you didn’t know she’d poke you this much?” Doug asked from my other side. NO. No, I did not. Anyway, it only took four stitches. I was worried it’d be more. I’ve never had stitches before. I’ve never gotten a black eye before.img_20190429_204003_01

While we were gone, Cat skipped the birthday party she was going to bring her kids to and watched Lydia the whole time we were at the ER! I let Cat know when we were done with the sale, and she dropped off Lydia. Also, this other angel friend of mine refused to be paid.

On right: Rocky, from Paw
Patrol, has a spot on his 
eye, too! 

So, instead of spending 8 hours sitting in the humid east Kentucky air at the garage sale, I only spent 3 hours sitting there.

Later that night, Doug and I were reading about when Jesus walked on water and calmed the storm. Totally not what the disciples had thought would happen when they were in trouble, but, as always, God blows all of man’s expectation out of the water. Sometimes it’s better (like parting the Red Sea in Exodus 14), and sometimes it’s just different (like Jesus rebuking the wind and waves in Matthew 8). But it seems to ALWAYS be unexpected.

I see my fall as a good thing. Yes, black eye, stitches, the whole she-bang. BUT, something worse could have happened. I didn’t break anything. I remember in the book of Job, when Satan asks God permission to pick on Job. God holds back a whole lotta worse things than he actually lets Satan get away with. And remember? Death is defeated, the king is alive!

Doug’s graduation is in 3 days. I noticed this morning that a lot of it had turned yellow? Maybe a bunch of the colors around my eye will recede. Here’s to hoping! Lol

Anna M.

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