Five-Fold Ministry: Prophet

Synonyms: Motivator, encourager, seer, guide

Characteristics: Good at encouraging and preaching; have a strong sense of right and wrong (see things as black and white and therefore have a strong sense of justice).

Responsibilities: To recognize, understand, and proclaim God’s word, speaker of or for God (have the ministry of inspired utterance). “Prophets are the mouth of God to the church, speaking forth life, blessings and all the promises of God as well as providing firm rebukes of error and admonishing of sin” (Brother Dino).

Abilities: Receives revelations from God—prophets sense God communicating with them truths to edify the body of Christ.

Passion: Spiritual things.

Examples: Jesus Christ, Silas, and Judas (Acts 15:32). Some people from my life in this role include Bena Hartsock, Ed Traut, Gloria Jordan.

Much of the church believes that there are no prophets anymore. “There is no need of them since we all have the Spirit now.” It is true that we all have the Spirit. The Spirit talks to each of us differently and directly. Proverbs 15:23(b) says, “How good is a timely word!” Ed Traut, in his book The Truth About Prophecy, says that “every one of us at some time need to hear that ‘timely’ word either as a confirmation or comfort. I have seen more lives changed and people encouraged and inspired through a prophetic word, than through most other gifts or ministries” (13). The fact is that the need for a prophet in the Old Testament and New Testament has changed. In Acts 15:32, we read that “Judas and Silas, who themselves were prophets, said much to encourage and strengthen the believers.”

Prophets don’t prophecy all the time. They must stir up the gift in order to prophecy; it comes on God’s terms, not man’s. One may also work in the office of a prophet without actually having the gift of prophecy. Prophets encourage. They guide the Church to stay on its path, and admonish it if it is wrong. Again, don’t just take my words for granted. Study the Word for it! I received a prophecy once. It sounded something like, “You work really well with kids. They’re going to be blessed by you, I know it.” NOT (In my head, this is going to be a loud, booming, over-exaggerated voice dripping with sarcasm:) “The Lord has summoned thee to work with children, that they may be SAVED! Now goeth and do the Lord’s prompting!” I’ve been diving into learning about this gift specifically, myself, simply because I don’t understand it. I have so much more to say on this topic, but we are talking about the five offices!

Anna E Meyer

Who else do you know that fits in this role?  Share it with them! 

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