Married Life: Sept 2014 Update/Series Follow-Up

I really enjoyed writing the series “It’s a Love Story.” And Dr. Wile E. Coyote loved reading it, too. He thought it was pretty cool to remember back and to hear things from my perspective. I figured now, the first post after that wonderful series, I’d write about being married. I am a pretty great wife, if I do say so myself. Allow me to boost up my self-esteem:

I never liked cooking. It was annoying, and I didn’t have patience for it. But I can follow directions. Now? I have time and my husband eats what I make for dinner or supper (yes, the meals are dinner and supper here, too!). I have done crock pot meals, I have tried recipes given to me by family as just recipes or cookbooks, even. I really like the cookbook given to me by my mother-in-law, and I already knew a few recipes my own mother has made. I learn by observation, apparently. And friends and family are quick to reply when I text them asking for a recipe. “What’s that stir fry sauce you made that one time?” or “Ground meat sloppy joe recipe, GO!” And then I write it down on an index card so that I don’t have to ask again. I’m also getting really good at meal planning. I am so proud of myself that I wanted to share it all with you guys! (You “guys.” I so am from Minnesota. I even regularly use phrases like “uff da” and tell people that I’m “not too bad.” Dr. Coyote is so from Wisconsin, too. “You know,” is a phrase that has always and may forever be in most of his speech. 🙂 Also, we have a lot of cheese in our little apartment. And freezer, so if we run out, we won’t have to wait for the next trip to the grocery store. I’m not a fan of shopping.)

Because I work in the afternoons, I have my mornings, typically. I have been impressed with my laundry habits. I see laundry as annoying. And, our first month here, Dr. Wile E. Coyote did laundry, because it relaxes him or something. I’ve been doing laundry more! And when I’m bored (but seriously—am I ever bored?) I look for things to put in the washing machine or something. I guess I like doing things so that I feel like I have been productive with my time. Taking out the garbage? Cooking a meal? But then Dr. Coyote comes home and tells me to sit. Yeah, he knows me. That I’ll push myself so I feel more “productive.” Why is that? I’m also more productive in the hour or two or three before the Student comes home. I don’t get it either. Anyway, I’m boosting my self-esteem.

This place is decorated fabulously. I know that’s done and over with, because we’ve been here a few months, but I am so proud of it! We don’t have much space, but I have been utilizing the space we do have and using my creativity for storage. I am always so excited to have someone over so I can give them a tour! Friends, though there isn’t too much to do around here, and Pikeville, KY is not conveniently on the way to anything, we’d love visitors. There are 3 or 4 hotels in this town, because all Dr. Coyote and I have for company is an air mattress. But you’re welcome! (Seriously, we do have an air mattress….just saying.)

Alright, I’m done tooting my horn. Want to hear about Dr. Wile E. Coyote being a good husband? Well, because we’re newlyweds, he’s good at it. That’s his excuse right now. At the male Sunday school class he’s a part of, he prefaces things with, “Well, I’m a newlywed, but….” Etc. I tell the girls in my own Sunday school class things, and they tell me that Doug may be the guy who all the others are like, “Stop! You’re making us look bad!” But I digress. I think Dr. Coyote is good at being a husband in general, newlywed or not.

Dr. Wile E. Coyote, though not always good at surprises, loves surprising me. We do the dishes together every night (mostly because it’s time that we get to talk with each other, no matter how the day went), but sometimes I’ll come home to find the dishes done. Or something else around the house cleaned or picked up. Also, folding laundry does relax the student doc. I will do laundry, yes, but I’ll let him fold it. And he likes that. Sometimes he cooks for me. I do a lot of the cooking and meal planning around here, but he is really good at whipping things together that taste well together. (We’re both adventurous to trying new things together.)

The best part about Dr. Coyote being a husband, though, is the way he cares for me. A year ago, we were both like, “This is too good to be true! Something’s gonna happen.” And something did happen, that made the “too good” feeling even better. Being married is having someone who cares for you and puts your needs before their own. Now, it doesn’t always happen like that, and I am continually surprised when Dr. Coyote notices me getting tired or beginning to push myself. I’m surprised when he tells me that I am talented and affirms me and encourages me. My love language is words of affirmation and physical touch, and he loves me in that way so often that I’m surprised. He “senses” when I need a hug and asks if something is wrong when he “feels a disturbance in the force.” That has never happened to me before, nor did I ever expect it. But I love it. He talks me up to his friends and brags about my cooking (which has been getting better and better). Oh, how I love this husband of mine!

I wanted to tell you all more about our lives here. About being a wife and having a husband. Because I know I would love to write so many letters but would be telling you all the same thing! I know I’ve said in previous blogs that Dr. Wile E. Coyote and I have been blessed, and that we totally see God’s hand here. But it’s true and worth saying again. Because the family I’ve made at our church? I have so many friends and prayer support at Trinity Harvest! There is this Facebook group for the women of the church, and we post prayer requests and praises, ask questions of other women, and just move fellowship to social media, also. I love it. And my job? I am still in awe that Dwain held it for me until I got here. My goal is to be irreplaceable, and I now have five students. That’s a low number to me at the moment; me who would love to be giving four or five lessons a day. But the Lord knows when I’ll be able to handle it, and I trust him (even though I pray for more students almost daily).

This is just an update, I guess, because we have so many friends and family everywhere that are wondering how we’re doing. We are doing well, my friends, and I feel so loved every time I hear from somebody else!

Love from the newlywed that is expecting to stay in the honeymoon phase for a lot longer,

Anna E. Meyer

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