Nurse Appreciation! And my interactions with nurses. Thanks!

Having a roommate that’s a nurse certainly changes my perspectives of the nurses that give me IVs every month for my MS medicine, Tysabri. My roommate, Lindsey J, has good days and bad days. Lately, it’s been mostly bad days. She tells me about the troubles she’s had with patients or how busy a day was. Apparently, today is super busy (I’m typing as I get my infusion), and somebody forgot to write me on the schedule. I can imagine the day told by Linds, who usually has no time for lunch or supper, even. Yesterday was nurse appreciation day, and I TOTALLY appreciate the nurses I’ve had over the years who have administered my meds. I myself can tell if they have hit or missed my vein, and digging around usually proves unproductive, but I’ll let them try. I have many friends who are nurses, as Augie has a big nursing program, as does the University of Sioux Falls and South Dakota State University, which are both nearby. The University of South Dakota has a med school attached to it, even. Anyway, nurses. I know a lot of them. I was discipled for a few years by a practicing nurse, Christine; my other discipler went to school to be a nurse, but Annalisa has joined staff (Cru) since then. All of my roommates went to school for healthcare. Sometimes I forget that when I say something totally false but believable by non-healthcare professionals to them until they’re all like, “Wait….” Kate is a dental hygienist, but has decided to join Cru staff.  Lindsey J is the actual practicing nurse with fun stories to tell. A ton of the classmates in school that I was good friends with are nurses or going to med school or pharmacy school. And I’m marrying a med student. What was the point of this post, again? That just in case I wasn’t aware of all the medical information regarding my MS, that there are tons who understand all the logistics and can help me out? That God knows what I need more than I do? That nurses are awesome? Yes, yes. All of the above. When any of us are feeling sick in thee 101 (the name of our apartment), LJ evaluates us. It’s great. Just imagine when I’m married to a DOCTOR. “Honey, is it bad that it hurts to swallow? Could you take a look/listen?” Haha.

Anyway, here is my day-late shout out to all the nurses who have dealt with me, in Marshall, Wilmar, Rochester, Sioux Falls professionally, and all my friends who are nurses, as well. You are appreciated! Thank you for putting in all those IVs and taking my blood pressure, and just being another smiling face with some light chatter to make my day as you do your nursely duties. Do you deal with a lot of nurses? I mean, a chronic illness (i.e. Multiple Sclerosis) causes extra nurse interactions, but do you know nurses outside of the doctor’s offices?

Thank you, patient nurses!


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