Circumstances and God’s Perfect Timing

One day Moses, Jesus, and an old man went golfing.  There was this really big water trap that had pretty much flooded, but that didn’t stop them.  Moses hits his golf ball into the water trap, divides the water, and hits it out.  Jesus hits his golf ball into the water trap, walks on the water, and hits it out.  The old man hits his ball into the water trap.  But a fish grabs the ball in his mouth.  Just that instant, a bird swoops down and grabs the fish that has the ball in his mouth.  The bird flies up and over the golf course.  Just as he is flying over the green of the hole they are on, the fish drops the golf ball out of his mouth and the ball lands in the hole.  Moses turns to Jesus and says, “I hate when your dad comes golfing with us.”


Circumstances.  I don’t really know how it’s all working, but God has had a plan from the beginning, and he wants everyone to know it.  In Genesis 6, God tells Noah to build an ark and gather all animals, two by two, to fill it.  Noah builds the ark, but if he had worried about how to gather the animals, he shouldn’t have.  God had creatures of every kind, at least two of each, come to the ark when it was time to load up.

It’s a good lesson: take action, and don’t worry—God’s got it under control!

It’s like mine and Doug’s story, starting all the way back in 2011.  I told God that if I didn’t get accepted to Project, I just wouldn’t go.  But I got accepted.  Then I told him that if I didn’t raise my support, I wouldn’t go.  But I raised way more than I needed.  Over the years, Doug and I were good friends and we wrote letters and talked about Jesus together and stuff.  I told God that I wanted Doug to find someone he needed.  I wanted him to be happy.  Then Doug asked ME out.  And then I told God that his timing was perfect.  I told him that under no circumstances did I want my heart to be broken, so he brought Doug and I closer together, assuring me it would not.  It just happened to work out that Doug could come to my place for Thanksgiving (after much prayer and uncertainty as to if Doug would have Thanksgiving off of work).  And of course I was going to his place for Christmas.  We were engaged.  And then things just continued to line up.  We decided to lease an apartment after not having seen it, one we had simply heard about through conversation on Facebook.  And it just happened that we were the first to say we wanted the place.  It also just so happened that our landlord said I could give lessons from the apartment, and that his daughter was interested in learning the piano.  Goodness.

Right now, I’m waiting for everything to keep lining up.  I’m just expecting them to.  I move forward and am trying not to worry about what’ll happen next.  I took the Praxis test, so I can improve my scores to meet Kentucky’s standards.  I’ll get my scores back in a week.  If I don’t pass, maybe I’m not supposed to be a teacher in Kentucky.  If I am, maybe the perfect teaching job will open up?  But there are so many other things I could do!

I’m really wow-ed by circumstances.  All I have to do is take steps to move forward and trust.  If it isn’t supposed to be, it won’t.  But if it is?  Sometimes it’s way more obvious than other times but God usually makes it clear.  I am in awe and will praise my God forever! 😀


When have circumstances been working out for you in a way that you have no room to question the Lord? 

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