A Story About Some (Or Two) of God’s Kids

I am a child of the King.  He adopted me, and his only birth Son is the perfect Knight in Shining Armor, although he didn’t look it on the outside when he was here on earth.  He most certainly does now.  Anyway, that makes me a princess.  (For sake of this post, I’m calling God’s children “royal,” smiley face.)  The unique thing about these “royals” is that they get to battle and fight, too.  So there are a ton of sir knights and ladies; AKA, princes and princesses.

Anyway, society has drawn out these perfect stories, and all these princesses are waiting for knights like Jesus, AKA, the only perfect knight in shining armor.  I find a problem with that.  Then there are a ton of awesome knights who come back from battle not as perfect nor as shining as we princesses dreamed of as children.

So, in 2011, I went on Summer Project with a bunch of other ladies and knights.  Actually, the ladies highly outnumbered the knights.  But that’s okay.  We got to learn about the Perfect Knight and grow in him and even advance the kingdom some from where we were at in Milwaukee, WI.  Anyway, I like snail mail letters.  So I wrote to all my fellow warriors I had grown close to that summer.  And then some ended up staying in closer contact.  And this one knight and I began writing letters to each other.  In our letters, we spoke of God’s word and his work in our lives.  We shared what was happening in our lives and prayer requests.

Fast forward to the summer of 2013.  Yep, that’s when Sir Wile E. Coyote of Wisconsin and me started dating.  We’ve seen each other twice in person since then, have Skyped, emailed, texted, talked on the phone, whatevs.  And during the week, we mostly rely on email because we’re both real busy.  But after all those letters over the previous two years?  We kind of developed a “form” to the letters: Scripture, talk about pointed out scripture, talk about life/ask about life, share prayer requests/ask questions.  I pretty much use this form for any letters I write now.  Hurriedly written emails don’t really have a form.  But that’s okay.  I write how I talk whenever I write.  Sir Coyote’s emails are formal, and I like them.  He’s also written me poetry.  I’m a sucker for poetry.  But he knew that.  Anyhoo, our emails are like continued conversation.  Our conversations still contain what our letters did: we talk about Scripture: what we’ve read in the Word lately or what God’s been showing us through other things in life.  We even read the Word together over Skype or when we do get to see each other in person.  We talk about life: we’ve been getting to know each other better, even though we can’t physically be with each other, it’s been helping our communication, probably.  And prayer: We share prayer requests all the time, and whenever we talk with each other, we pray together.

This was that one post I was talking about yesterday that talked more on the subject, I think.  I started praying in 2012, probably, that when I got into a relationship, it would be a light Christ would shine through.  Christ is all around both of us all the time.  When we’re by ourselves and when we’re together, Christ is there, in, and around us both.  I think it was each other’s faith that made our heads turn in the first place, smiley face.  But how can our relationship be a light if we keep it to ourselves?  Also, I’m too much of a chatterbox to keep it to myself.  (I’m an introverted chatterbox.  Bet you didn’t know they existed.)

Anyway, I’ll end this totally sappy post by saying that the battered knight this homely princess is dating rocks my socks off.  (Which is probably why I’m currently barefoot.)



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