A little psalm with hymn lines of truth and praises

Written last Monday.  My head and my soul were singing praises to God all weekend long!  I finished it today. 🙂


Then sings my soul, my savior, God, to thee: How great thou art!  How great thou art!

It is well with my soul, for your grace is so amazing.

And so comes the praise from the depths of me: How great thou art!

Oh, how sweet is the sound of your wonders and ways!

Your love is awesome—I will sing of it forever!

How great you are, oh Lord my God.

Your very person is worthy of praise.

Therefore, my soul sings, “Holy! Holy! Holy is the Lord God Almighty!”

Your praises sing my soul always.


In the mountains or the valleys, I look to you and call your name.

You hear me.  You answer me.

Sometimes I can’t go through things in this life myself,

And so I ask.  And you help me.

Far too little I turn to seek you, but your hand moves even when I’m not looking for it.

You, oh God, are worthy.

Take my life and let it be, consecrated Lord, to thee.

Then sings my soul, my Savior, God, to the: How great thou art!  How GREAT thou art!


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