What happens when you write on a “Jesus High.”

I wrote this “poem” of sorts on Monday, when I was waiting for a friend to have a fabulous after-summer-catch-up.  Lifelight was this weekend, and it was so great!  I saw God moving, and church was awesome, too.  Goodness.  Yay God!


So much going on in my head.

So much to process, so much said.

I am amazed at the answers received of prayer.

So many issues God takes out of my hair.

I’ve been realizing the extent of why I’m me—

Why I write, and why I’m encouraging.

It all comes from God – these things I love.

They are used for him—he from above.

Before it happened, Jesus thanked God for the miracle.

Thanking God after is easy – it’s lyrical.

But what if we had faith to expect?

What if pre-praise became a prayer subject?

Isn’t praising God something we do, anyway?

Why the heck do we reserve it for occasions, not every day?

I thank God for things he’ll do that are of him,

Wanting and expecting his will isn’t a sin.

That I’ll have a job?  That friends and family will be saved?

He wants that, too – salvation is his fave.

What about the people I interacted with at Lifelight?

Some of them aren’t sure about God, but lots of ‘em with him are tight.

Nothing happens without reason, this I know.

Everything in life somehow helps us grow.

I’ve been learning a lot about praise.

I’ve also been seeing God continually amaze.

I want to see a dramatic miracle first-hand.

But everything’s a miracle so grand.

The fact that God works things for good when only bad they seem?

The fact that we’ll receive salvation because he redeemed?

We are so not deserving of anything but to die.

I must confess that these last few days, I’ve been on a “Jesus high.”




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