Random Thoughts and Feelings

Cleaning does not go faster when you’re wearing a cape and making superhero sound effects.  If I wasn’t the only one home, I would receive strange looks.  Only maybe.  What’s the point of anything if you can’t make it fun?  Which is why I am so excited for the general music placement of student teaching.  You can’t not have fun with kindergarteners or first graders.  I myself don’t learn super well unless it’s fun.  I kid.  Some things are just fun to know.  Like the paper I wrote in high school, saying that my cousin and I were like a bionic compound with genetics in common.  Then, you sound super smart when you compare yourself to a cation ionic formation because you feel like you’ve lost an electron and you’re just super positive suddenly.  Or in college, learning all about music theory and music math (major + minor = major, minor = major = minor, major + major = augmented, minor + minor = diminished)?  It’s fascinating.  I also like knowing other random things.  Sometimes if I want to know something, I just have to ask the right person.  Like, “Which muscle is this specific exercise working?”  I’m getting off topic.  Student teaching on Wednesday.  That’s the first day of school.  I can see Nemo bouncing on his dad, saying, “First day of school!  First day of school!”  I say it with an exclamation point, too, but it’s not the excitement of kids who have been waiting to see their friends and don’t want to be bored.  I am a little freaked out.  And I’m kind of thinking ahead.  Reason for all the “ahh!”s, probably.  Anyway, I will take one step at a time.  On Wednesday, I will see just exactly how my cooperating teacher sets the tone in his classroom, which is real exciting.  You can bet that I’ll be blogging about my experiences this semester.  Emotions are just trying to burst out, but I can’t even identify.  They’re just feeling random. Hence, random post?


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