“The ‘Patient’ Princess” – A Poem

This poem goes with the one posted yesterday that was a response to one I reblogged the day before. Check out both, especially “The Unexpected Knight.”


The knight approached the castle, higher than he could imagine

He had passed through fire and snow and defeated the dragon

Surely this specific tower was not the one to scale

Shall he continue choosing not to prevail?

Or shall he speak to discover just who was inside?

He looked up to the tower, unsure what to decide

The princess peeked out her window, scanning his battered frame

The knight knew then there was a reason he came

He called up to the princess, but she left him rejected

Obviously, he was not the one whom she expected

The princess watched as the knight walked away

But then she thought of something else he should say

What if this broken knight was who she was waiting for?

Why doesn’t he turn around and say something more?

But the knight walked on, for he was timid and shy

What else could she do to tell him he’s her guy?

“I must be mistaken,” the princess said to herself

Wouldn’t the knight know first without her help?

Out the window she allowed her hair to dispel

But then she remembered knights don’t take hints well

A call to the knights who may not be outgoing

Take a risk and show us princesses you’re forgoing

To the rest of the princesses waiting in their towers

Give him a break even if he doesn’t bring flowers

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