A Princess’s Response to The Unexpected Knight

A princess’s response to this poem. Sometimes, a knight needs to listen to the princess, too.


Ever since a little girl, I’ve dreamt the day he’d come

I the princess, he the knight, who’d come to take me home

I’ve heard tales and seen pictures of the one like my knight

In the movies and in storybooks, perfection was the sight

“But nobody is that perfect,” a voice said in my head

“But I’ll wait for this perfect knight,” I argue stubbornly instead

He’s my knight in shining armor who rides a noble steed

He’ll waltz in here a victor and sweep me off my feet

He’ll find me and save me and I will be his bride

We’ll fall in love at first sight, and into the sunset we’ll ride

I wait and wait but still he doesn’t come

One day a knight rode past, but he wasn’t the one

Instead of looking a victor, he looked wearied and worn

He walked beside a dirty horse, both deserving scorn

He called up to me and said he would like to marry me

But career with my knight was the only sim’larity

My knight’s armor would be shining and grand

His armor was the only thing helping him stand

My knight would have an impressive sword at his side

His sword was dull and broken, not deserving of pride

What was left of his shield would not be any use at all

I smugly turned, resuming to wait for my knight to call

“Why can’t he hurry up?” I said to myself impatiently

The tower holding me in thickens painfully

With each heartbreak, walls are added, I fear there’s no hope for knights

But when my one true knight will come, he will put up a fight

As a princess to the knights, I plead for perseverance

Don’t give up when we keep you out, instead give us assurance

You may not be the unrealistic knight in our dreams

But you will save us heroically no matter the extremes

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