“The Unexpected Knight” – A Poem ReBlogged

So, I used this as “poem I like written by someone else” for my poetry hour with Jody this morning. I keep coming back to this, it’s so good! And, it’s pretty much a heart-throb poem. Well written, and well said. Thank you, Adam Rozanas.

Adam Rozanas

Ever since a little girl, she dreamt the day he’d come

She the princess, he the knight, come to take her home

A knight in shining armor riding ‘pon his noble steed

He’d stride into her castle proud and sweep her off her feet

He’d wake her from her ‘chanted sleep, a kiss upon the lips

He’d save her from the evil queen, her twisted, spell-bound grips

He’d scale up her tower, climbing nothing but her hair

Fighting off the beasts around him as he hung there in the air

He’d climb the highest mountain and swim the deepest sea

He’d walk through fire and rain and snow to set his princess free

And though they’d never met before they’d surely fall in love

For theirs would be the story that romantics would dream of

This knight, of course, would charming be and handsome, too, at that

His stunning eyes…

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