Patience in a Poem

By Anna E. Olson



It can be an issue.

But not so at the same time.

I can be patient.



I’m patient with my students,

Most of the time.


When they leave,

Sometimes I complain to myself.


I’m patient with people I’m around

At least for the most part.

Not always.

But for the most part,

They can’t see a hint of impatience.


When I have a ton of energy,

I feel I must use it.

It’ll go,

And I’ll miss my chance.

So give me something to do!


When I have that weird energy,

I can be annoying.


To certain people.

But I’m getting better at containing it.


My worst area of impatience

I have no control.


I can’t do anything.

Not now to change it, really.


Worrying about the future is another issue.

But what good does it do?


So I cast my worries,

Because I know God cares for me.



I can be patient.

But not so at the same time.

It can be an issue.

Oh, patience.


[Written yesterday, but I didn’t publish it today, because I exercised “patience.”]

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