Writing Fiction and Sharing My Voice

I’ve been writing a ton of fiction these last few weeks, and it has been awesome.  I’ve almost finished up a story that took a year to write, and I’ve been rewriting a story I wrote when I was just beginning to write long fiction.  The latter takes the same characters, setting, and general plot lines I had, and I’m taking a little of that and coming up with a ton of new things.  And I have been learning things.  For instance, whatever God is teaching me or showing me comes out in my stories.  In the first story (my “Hero” story), it took me a year to write, because sometimes I’d be learning something for so long that I wouldn’t know how to write a new happening in the story.  The one that I’ve been writing this week has a ton of church invites and welcoming taking place.  Sometimes, I don’t even realize what God is showing me or telling me until I write.  I journaled last night after about a month of not doing so, as well.  I forget how important writing is to me personally.  I woke up this morning and thought about my “Hero” story that one of my friends is reading and I got really excited for the events that happen later in the story that I remembered.  I can’t come up with a lot of these things on my own.  Sometimes, what I write surprises me.  I am surprised when I realize that I have been foreshadowing and setting up for an event that hadn’t crossed my mind.  I really want these stories to be published, for more people to read them than friends and family I email the story to.  But honestly, I wrote these stories for Jesus.  They are his, and he can do whatever he wants with them.  Writing is part of my faith journey, and I learn so much by seeing things applied that I wouldn’t be able to do right then and there.  I think I also like writing so much because while I can’t physically do everything I want to, I can write about it and experience it still.

Sometimes, I don’t feel like I am heard.  But when I write, I feel I can express myself and speak; if people take the time to read a blog post or a story of mine, they are actually listening.  So, thank you to all my readers and subscribers for listening when I write randomness, whether it be about what I’m feeling or learning or general things.  Sometimes I talk a lot (which transfers to writing a lot), other times I can be pretty quiet.  But you know what?  Everyone has a voice.  Everyone has a subject they are passionate to talk about and share.  Have you found yours?  How do you share it?



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