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Ketchup…”catch up”….get it?  I thought it clever.  Hope the title wasn’t misleading….

So much going on with life right now.  And for that reason, I haven’t posted in a while.  I feel like this is about to be another scatter-brained post, just to warn you.  Let’s start with what happened: I graduated from college last Saturday.  Yes, that’s right.  I put on a cap and gown, walked in these cute new shoes, and shook President Rob Oliver’s hand, along with 379 other graduates at the Elmen Center at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD.  Now, I’m not necessarily done yet.  After I student teach next semester, I will officially get a diploma (and not just a diploma cover like the ones we all received on Saturday, because the registrar can’t get all diplomas done before graduation).  As for that awkward semester between when I graduate and when public schools start, I dunno.  I guess we’ll see, but I’m positive that God’s got some good in store for me.


Reflections (a must when it comes to graduations)

Four years ago, when I started school, I wasn’t even positive what I wanted to do.  Music therapy?  I shadowed a music therapist and spoke with another.  Nope, not for me.  Then I decided to do music education full force and do something else eventually.  Well, it looks like teaching music is something that I’m actually going to do.  There are a ton more things I want to try, like composing, developing more of my own musicianship, having a percussion studio, as well as non-music things like writing fiction and devotionals, perhaps articles in magazines and leading a Bible study of some sort.  I have high aspirations, but I am DETERMINED, and I feel I have a lot of the skills I’ve needed to get up to this point.  I have been taught by some of the most awesome professors, and I feel it is almost like a duty to professionally develop and make the most of what I am, where I am.

Also, my FAITH has grown a ton.  I grew up going to church every Sunday (because that’s what you did).  I mean, I had my own faith, but I think I shared it.  The second half of freshman year, I got involved with Cru, and God totally used it to help me find my place and develop a relationship with him that’s crazy awesome.  I also realized that I wasn’t trusting him with everything, and began to (transforming, seriously).  God has done so many amazing things in and through me, that I cannot stay silent.  I want to glorify him all of my days!

FRIENDS: I didn’t have many in high school, and I didn’t even know what authenticity was.  The second half of freshman year, I made some good friends, including Berit.  After spending a summer on Project and discovering authentic friendships, I pushed and made some authentic friends when I got back to school.  I’ve always been kind of a loner, but I have discovered friends that have helped to make life awesome, really.  There is a time for everything, and I must say, the last few weeks at Augie, I hung out with friends way more than being productive in my room, because I wanted to.  Smiley face.  I love them all so much!

Berit and I at senior year homecoming
Berit and I at senior year homecoming
Emily, me, Marissa, and Megan
Emily, me, Marissa, and Megan
Emily, Megan, Melissa, and me
Emily, Megan, Melissa, and me

MS.  So, I learn by doing, and I’m a visual person, as well.  Not auditory.  So through high school, when my mom would tell me that I can’t do this or that, I might be a little rebellious until I was having troubles walking, but mostly, I listened to her.  Freshman year, I had to find all these limits myself.  In the middle of the year, I had kind of a break down that I actually had to leave early for midterms because of health and walking and stuff.  I had one of those awesome breakdowns junior year, as well.  I know where my limits are, and I actually stand up for myself now.  I ask for help when I need it (most of the time) and days where I’m having troubles walking don’t bother me so much.  If I missed classes for half of what I missed school for in high school, I would not have been able to finish in four and a half years.  But I have thick skin, and I’ve adapted to this roller coaster of energy and of good and bad days.  My dad is part of this thing where parents of kids and teens chat on a forum, and was telling me about a girl that was starting college, and her parents are only having her take two classes at a time so that she doesn’t push it.  I laughed.  I did things, too, like have a single dorm room for all four years, and asking some of my teachers for extensions on homework or an untimed test.  But really, I didn’t need much unless I was really sick or my body was too exhausted to let me think normally.  And I did it!  I graduate in four and a half years, I did a senior recital, I passed both Praxis tests on the first try!  MS-shmem-S.  I can accomplish anything I want to in spite of it—it does not control me or have any part of my identity.  God does!  🙂

I am so very thankful to my mom and dad, as well as my sisters for all of their support.  I am looking forward to the next chapter of life when the page is actually turned and I have a diploma.  So, lot of my profs tell me that they’re interested to know where I end up.  Um, ME TOO.  Unfortunately (is this a bad thing?), I have to be patient, as God’s not telling me what comes next.  Patience is NOT one of my assets.  In the meantime, I’ll be here, praying, blogging, and making the most out of every situation I’m in.


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