My Poem/Blog of Thoughts Today

So much is trying to bring me down:

Burn out, allergies, a huge to-do list, etc.

I try to surround myself with what can bring me up:

Jesus, friends, music, etc.

The sun has been hiding for days,

Other students on campus walk like zombies,

And this place reeks of decay.

And I’m worn.



The sun appears.

I hear a Bible verse.

I play for an hour in band and prepare for Lifegroup.

Exhausted, I am.

Will this homework never cease?

The end nears.

I try NOT to push it.

I write.

“Here comes the sun, do dah de dah…”


God is continually at work.  I see random statuses and take part in conversations divinely serendipitous (is that a thing?).  I am used by Him as I myself write and talk.  My mind will never wrap itself around God’s work and his perfect plan and all the good he is.


I know where I’ll be this summer, which is a stress-away, but I am so weary from everything all the time.  So I’ll find my rest in the Lord.  I trust him with everything, anyway.


(So, I’ve been posting a lot of “thoughts” poems and just “thoughts” lately.  It is super therapeutic for me to write, and I appreciate all of you who actually read these!  Be blessed, everyone!)

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