A Poem of Today’s Thoughts

I express myself better in words sometimes, so out of my thoughts today came forth this poem.  As graduation is nearing, I am still a little rattled about what I’m going to be doing.  Also, my last post reached a lot of people I know, which is weird, and they were talking about it.  What?  So, those are things that weighed in thoughts.  It’s a poem and a prayer.  Be blessed, everyone!


The words, they come from you.

Out of my mouth they’re sounded,

By my hand they’re stressed

And what is done next is completely YOU.

The speeches, poetry, stories, and other writings…

They circulate, and you are glorified.

Your work, my God, is endless.

I am speechless.


It is my prayer that you continue to use me in this way.

I desire it.

You inspire it.


Have your way with me, my Lord.

I’ve no idea what will come next.

Wherever you bring me, and whatever I’m doing,

May you be glorified by it all.

I will answer when I hear your call.


Out of my mouth, the words are sounded,

But they come from you.

You, God, are TRUE.



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