Spiritual Analogies: Beauty and the Beast

"Beastly"So, this afternoon, I watched the movie “Beastly,” because, Alex Pettyfer.  Every time I think about the story of “Beauty and the Beast,” spiritual analogies scream out at me.  In this adaption of the story, the character Kendra (who is the witch and whose name means “magical”) gives Kyle (who will turn into the beast and whose name means “narrow”) a second chance, but he throws it away.  Eventually, the ugly on the inside is seen on the outside, as Kyle is transformed into an ugly (but not that ugly—come on, Alex Pettyfer) creature.  In the book, he’s actually turned more into a beast-like thing and is closer with the Disney tale.  That’s beside the point.  There comes a point in the Christian life when we realize how ugly the sin inside us is.  As Christians, we are not like the world.  Anyway, continuing the story: Kyle is told that he must find somebody to love him in a year.  When he looks in the mirror and sees how ugly he is, it is deemed impossible.  He was a real jerk at the beginning, too—who could love him?  But then he begins to undergo a change.  Cue Lindy (Belle’s character, whose name means “pretty one”).  Kyle changes his name to Hunter (whose name means…one who hunts—I’m surprised, too!) so Lindy won’t know who he is.  Lindy liked Kyle when he was a jerk, because she saw something on the inside that no one else could see.  It was being with her that changed him.  It was her words “I love you” that transformed Kyle out of hell and into a new and beautiful person, the ugly wiped away with the blink of an eye.

Kyle represents us.  We are all ugly, with sin and other “stuff of the world” inside us.  We are arrogant and think that because we appear fine and good, we are actually fine and good.  But we’re not.  Not by ourselves. Lindy represents the Lord.  He sees inside us what even we can’t.  His love is unconditional, and when you notice it, it changes you and you just want to be with him.  His love saves.  I think it’s interesting that he changes his name for Lindy as he is searching for her heart and searching (hunting?) for the spell to be broken.  When our sinful selves collide with God’s grace, we are transformed!  [Note: His grace is not the prize, but only a means to get to the prize.  The prize is Christ!]

I’m sure there are tons more analogies in this story, as I believe I’ve come up with others in the past, but can’t remember them.  My friend Tiffany has found a lot in this story, too.  Do you see any more spiritual analogies in the story of Beauty and the Beast?  Please share them!



2 thoughts on “Spiritual Analogies: Beauty and the Beast

  1. Great post. Below are my reflections:

    The wonder of the gospel is not the love of the beautiful; it’s when Beauty kisses the Beast.

    The Beast isn’t loved because he has changed; the Beast is changed when he is loved. Joy doesn’t come when he’s loved for his beauty; joy overwhelms him when he is loved in his hideousness.

    1. Thank you! Your reflections are great. 🙂 This has been a subject of poetry for myself in the past, the story speaks such truth of the gospel! And I don’t think all that many people realize it. Unless, you know, they’re looking for it. Be blessed!


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