Reblogged: Blood Brothers

My friend Amy wrote an awesome story that you all should read! All 6 parts are up now, so I thought I’d wait to reblog until she was done. This awesome story shares the truth of the Gospel in a new way! Check it out!

A Story Called Life

Last year, I wrote this story – a story that I hope shares the compassion of Christ and the truth of the Gospel. In anticipation of Easter, I want to share this with you as we remember what God has done for us and who He is. I hope that this story (posted in 6 parts over the coming week) will encourage you and lead you to meet with Christ as we desire to know Him more. 

“Combo number 3!”

The cashier’s voice echoed through the cramped kitchen and Jacob threw another hamburger on the grill. Bent over the hot surface, Jacob tried not to think of all the things he hated about this job.

The people who complained but had plenty, the greasy heat that soaked you to the bone, the smell of sweat and overcooked fat, the Boss’ daily reminders that he had no family, that he was…

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