A year ago, I wrote this post. I thought that it was good to reblog, and though it’s slightly dated, the message is pretty much the same. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Anna E. Meyer

So. I know many people who start lisetening to Christmas music when Halloween is done.  “But, there IS no Thanksgiving-genre of music!” they say.  “Besides, Christmas music is like the best EVER, and most people only listen to it for a month!”  My retort, of course, is to change the words of any song that pops into my head to have something to do with Thanksgiving.   I mean, when there’s SNOW on the ground, I start singing songs to myself like, “Let It Snow” and “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”  But there’s no SNOW on the ground!  (Although, I do confess to you, that I started singing related songs when I was walking across campus last night, changing the words to, “Where’s the snow, where’s the snow, where’s the snow..”  It worked.)

It is Thanksgiving when we acknowledge all that we’re thankful for.  What comes to mind is session from the…

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  1. Yes, indeed I celebrate Thanksgiving. But Christmas too early? I could celebrate Christmas every day of the year, and it would not be enough. In my view, it is never too early to remember that Christ is alive and in the world right now!

    1. I agree– the message of Christmas should be remembered all year ’round! But I don’t particularly like the whole commercial aspect. On top of that, thinking about Christmas reminds me that finals is coming up, and I’m not ready for those yet. But as soon as they are done, CHRISTMAS! 😉

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