Static (2)

Static—you know the stuff.  When you’re listening to the radio in the car and you start to drive out of radio reception and the station is really noisy.  Or the older TVs, when a channel just wouldn’t come in.  To solve this static problem, you normally have to change the channel, change the station, or drive back into the reception area of the current station.  Some radio stations are broadcast in multiple areas, so you just have to find it again.  It seems that this kind of static is mostly related to technology, but here comes another analogy.

Sometimes, we can’t hear what the Lord is saying very well.  The static of the world is taking over our ears and filling them with stuff that’s not supposed to be on the current station.  How do we clear up this static problem?  Sometimes, we need to just turn around and go back into the reception of the station we’re trying to listen to.  But I also know that the channel of God talking is in every reception zone, so if you look for it a little, it’ll come in clearly once more.  And it doesn’t just come on one channel, in one way, either.  You just have to decipher from what stations it is on and isn’t.

I have felt like the staticy noise of the world is trying to change my station, but once recognized, it’s not hard to change the channel and find a clear one.  How?  The driver’s manual should be in the glove box (the Word), and while you have shotgun and control of the radio, sometimes it’s best for the driver to have control of the radio; he’ll find the station you’re looking for.  (Turn to HIM!)

My love of analogies is showing once more.  I hope you all get it, cuz sometimes it’s not as easy for others to follow my thoughts as it is for me.

Is your station coming in clearly?

Anna 🙂

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