(picture from google images) Static—you know the stuff, when hair turns upward no matter what you do, when clothes cling where they’re not supposed to, and when you get a little shock from touching something that you’ve never gotten a shock when touching before.  It’s fall, and the static problem has begun.  It’s always bad in the winter, when I’m taking off my winter hat and my hair wants to follow it?  When my skin is too dry (lotion?  What’s it for, again?  Is it a once-a-month thing?) and everything seems to be electrically charged with negative energy?  You know how you’re supposed to make the static go away?  Water.  Wet hair doesn’t stand up on its own.  Not that you should always have wet hair (it’s actually not advisable when it’s cold outside), but water calms it down.  By getting your hands wet and then touching your hair, the static goes away.  Hydrating skin with lotion (umm…) and re-fueling what is dry and static-y with some positive charge to counter the negative!  (Drier sheets and Static Guard also do the trick, but I digress.)

So I was brushing my teet(picture found on google images) h tonight and noticing how my hair was, as usual, full of static.  Then this great analogy came to me and I got really excited to share it.  So, in the Bible, Jesus says he is the living water.  So I thought: static = negative energy = negativity vs. water = Jesus = positivity = Jesus.  Do you follow my thoughts here?  We need to counter negativity with positivity.  When we are freaking out or crushing underneath the stress of a homework assignment, we need to calm it down by “getting our hands wet.”  We need to turn our eyes to the Lord.  (I think this sounded way better in my head.)

So next time you notice negativity, speak to the Lord.  (He can hear you, you know, wherever and whenever you talk with him.)  And whenever you notice something that’s full of static or you get a shock from something, think about how to counter it!  It’s just a silly reminder that I’ll always remember.  You could?

Smiling, Anna 🙂

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