Decorating my Room 2012

All I can think about is the Lord.

He’s my treasure and my life, it is he I…admire.

All I can talk about is the Lamb.

He’s my Savior, my portion, the Great…He Is.

All I can write about is the Three-in-One.

So big I can’t comprehend, all I know is I love him a…lot.

All I can sing about is the God of Truth.

He is God of the elderly, in between, and God of the…young people.


What a time to be decorating my dorm room.

Everywhere are echoes of Jesus, the church’s…husband-to-be.



Whether I write or play or sing,

God is my reason for…all of it.

Sometimes I forget when I get to the monotonous tasks,

But God reminds me I do that for him, too, like he…requests.

When all you do is for the Lord God Almighty,

Life’s more fun and the sun shines…really bright.


Classes start tomorrow for me, and I’m worried.

But I cast all my anxieties on him who rose again after he was…dead.

My Jesus is victorious and he helps us out no matter how gritty.

These reminders on my walls are for more than just to look…nice.

One can walk into my room and identify what I’m most passionate about.

It’s God (duh), and there wouldn’t be any…hesitation.


If you were convicted for being a Christian, how much evidence would there be against you?


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