A Psalm (8)

Written 7-23-12, Anna Olson


Lord, you are absolutely beautiful.

You are perfect in all your ways.

God, you are awesome and wonderful.

I will praise you all of my days.


Even in the dirt and grime of life you’re there.

While we’re getting through it all can see you.

Others see you through my struggles so I can bear.

We see and know there’s victory in all you do.


Even when there’s evil that tries to draw everyone’s gaze,

You emerge like we haven’t seen you before!

Even if for awhile we’re in a funk and lost in the haze,

We WILL see you and admire and adore.


Sometimes I have to wait for your plan.

I may grow impatient, but it’s worth it.

I live life today instead of waiting because I can.

You are always teaching me and keeping my candle lit.


Lord, I desire for others to know you for real.

My heart breaks when they wander so lost.

I pray that to them all yourself you’ll reveal,

So one day they’ll follow you, no matter the cost.


God, you are magnificent and delightful.

You are so worth anything here on earth.

Lord, you are ubiquitous and powerful.

I celebrate that you’ve given us GRACE and new birth!


Amen and amen!

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